Mar 04

xgps1A couple of days ago Xpgs 1.2 was finally released in Cydia. A lot of new features have been added. Most of them have been posted previously. One thing which hasn’t been mentioned is a new way to create itinerary called Routes managerĀ. Using this function you can compute and save routes for offline use. It let you choose places and addresses as starting and ending point. Please notice that there is currently no support for routes with more than one starting and one ending points. It’s due to a Google limitation and we are working on it.
» Cydia – Xgps 1.2 released (Voice guided iPhone GPS)

Mar 03

img_0036FreeRice is the mobile version of! A simple and addicting game that donates 10 grains of free rice for every question you get right.
» Cydia – FreeRice

Mar 02

memtool2Memtool is a new task manager for your iPhone/ ipod touch available in Cydia via the iSpazio repository from developer NetDragon. When you fire up MemTool the default page you see shows you a graph with the total memory available (128mb) and the memory in use. By pressing the Clean button the application will attempt to free as much ram as possible.
» Cydia – Memtool (Taks Manager iphone/ipod Touch)

Mar 01

img_0003ContactFlow is a new application in Cydia that will allow us to show our contacts in coverflow style.
» Cydia – ContacFlow

Feb 25

winterboardWe have a brief video demonstrating per-page wallpapers in an upcoming version of WinterBoard. If you’re curious, the girls in the wallpaper are from the Japanese electropop group Perfume, and the theme seen at the beginning of the video is Gradiance v3 by misecia.
» Cydia – Winterboard preview (per page wallpaper)

Feb 24

dashboardSteven Troughton is working on a new project again, this time it’s no longer stack but dashboard. I as
Dashboard is still in development but the demo looks promising. Dashboard is best to compare with the widgets of OsX and windows. Hit the break for the video.
» Cydia – Dashboard for iphone

Feb 24

pic4Siax is a perfect VOIP application for your iPhone. With Siax you can add any or multiple VOIP providers to make cheap calls when you are in a WIFI Hotspot or you have a 3G/UMTS connection. Siax supports SIP and IAX2 protocol.
» Cydia – Siax (VOIP Client)

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