Oct 18

OrbitWe told you about “Spaces” a couple of days ago. It is an application which enables you to see all 9 screens of SpringBoard. It is actually called “Orbit” and is now available in the Cydia Store. Unfortunately, it is not free. » “Spaces” Is Called “Orbit” And Now Available In Cydia

Oct 12

smsSending messages on your iPhone is easy, but it is not easy to see when you send one or two messages. There’s an app for that ofcourse. Via Cydia you can find the SMS Helper. After installation you can see how many characters you’ve typed and how many messages you’ll send when you press the send button.

» Jailbreak: Cydia SMS Helper

Sep 08

cydia-logoThis app automatically sets your iPhone in silent mode when you are in a meeting and will also automatically return to ring mode at the end of the meeting. The app is called “iSilent” and can be found in the Cydia App Store.

» Silence You iPhone With iSilent

Aug 23

cydia-logo PrivaCy the new App in Cydia. Saurik just released this app in Cydia. It is specially created to address concerns about  the  App Store applications which track user information and location information for developers to analyze. With this  app  you can block tracking providers (like Pinch Media). Saurik offers an explanation.

» Cydia: Block Apps To Get Privacy With ‘Privacy’

Aug 15

cydia-logoIt is now possible to download bittorrents on your iPhone. You need a jailbroken iPhone (or iPod Touch) ofcourse and need to follow a few steps. But then you have Torrentula (created by Sunburst) on your iPhone and the ability to download anything you can.

» Cydia: Download Torrents With Torrentula

Aug 11

cydia-logo With a first generation iPhone or an iPhone 3G, you only have 128 MB of memory. The iPhone’s internet browser Safari  takes up a big portion of that memory. And that portion keeps growing if you open up more pages. If you have a jailbroken  device you can force apps to close via SBSettings. But wouldn’t it be handy to close Safari automatically after you press the  homebutton? Cydia has an answer.

» Cydia: Stop Safari Automatically

Aug 08

A developer succeeded in connecting his Nintendo Wii with the iPhone. The connection is made via Bluetooth. Right now it is only possible to see the movements of the WiiMote on the screen of your iPhone (see video).

» iPhone Becomes WiiMote

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