May 10

The backgrounder tweak that enables multitasking on the iPhone, iPod and iPad just received a update that brings some new features and fixes.

  • added option to reset  settings to default values
  • added “minimize on toggle” option; disable to prevent current app from minimizing when enabling/disabling backgrounding
  • Fixed: in order to prevent blank enteries , modified the method used to determine which default overrides ( Phone, iPod, etc ) to set ( to test this , reset your preferences )
  • Fixed: iPad badge position. Badge origin is now relative to lower-left corner of icon, offset by ( -12, -21 ).
  • Mod: on iPad, prefs app now runs in iPad mode (portrait only)

Its still in beta mode, but can be downloaded via the repo » Backgrounder Updated

Jan 17

add-exchange-iphoneSomehow it’s only possible to use one Exchange-account on your iPhone. With AddExchange you get the ability to add a second Exchange-account. Unfortunately you cannot add a third or more, only two accounts at most. AddExchange can be found through Cydia. After installation you push the plus-button in the application. Then you click on Settings > Mail, Contacts, Agenda > SRV2 and add the seconds account. AddExchange is compatible with iPhone OS 3.0 or higher.

» Two Exchange Accounts With “AddExchange” [Jailbreak]

Jan 15

tweak-leftYou’re probably familiar with sliding through Springboard. With one slide-motion you scroll one page further and the page is automatically centered. Normally this means you’ll probably have to slide five or six times before you reach the last page. With Smoothboard you can scroll through your pages very fast.

» Smoothboard: Scroll Through Springboard Smoothly [Jailbreak]

Jan 11

infinidock0Infinidock is a new project by chpwn. It enables you to add up to 10 icons on your dock unlike the normal amount of 4. When you add more then 4 icons you can scroll horizontally through the icons. It is available through Cydia for $0.99, so it can only be used on jailbroken iphones. » Infinidock: Scrolling Dock [Cydia]

Jan 03

InterActiveWeather shows animated weather widgets on the lockscreen of your iPhone and iPod Touch and is the first and only customizable weather theme. All you need is a Jailbroken iPhone or iPod and winterboard installed, then you open cydia and search for InterActiveWeather (form Modmyi). Now purchase this package for $5.00, and activate it with Winterboard. » InterActiveWeather (Winterboard)

Jan 03

snappy 2With Snappy 2.0 you can snap photos without exiting your currently running application. Snappy 2.0 will add a snap button to every application that has a status bar. That means that you can even snap photos directly from you lockscreen. They say that you can shoot photos 6 times faster then the build-in camera application. Simply tap and hold the status bar and you are ready to go. When you exit the camera again you are back to your running application. Snappy 2.0 only costs $1,99 in the Cydia store. Check out the video below to see Snappy in action.

» Create Your Photos Fast With Snappy 2.0 [Jailbreak]

Dec 27

EM_T_Glove_01If you don’t want to buy specially made gloves to control your iPhone with your gloves on, you can also get the new application from Cydia. The app is called “GlovePod” and enables you to control the music buttons from your lockscreen. By pressing the volume buttons and the snooze button you can go to the next song, pause or play. When you press the snooze button shortly you pause the music. Press again and the song continues playing.

» Control Your iPhone With “GlovePod” [Jailbreak]

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