Jul 24

Jay Freeman “also known as Saurik in the jailbreaking world” is the developer of Cydia and went to the Make It Work team to show of a real jailbroken iPhone 4. He shows an iPhone 4 running Cydia thanks to Comex and Planetbeing’s current exploits and the good news is that Comex and Planetbeing said a release date is right around the corner. You can check out the video after the break. » Jay Freeman a.k.a. Saurik Interview, Shows Of A Jailbroken iPhone 4!

Jun 05

Wi-Fi Sync “a app in cydia” makes it possible to sync your jailbroken iDevice “including the iPad” with iTunes on Mac and Windows via Wi-Fi. Unfortunately it “normally” costs $9,99 which is not cheap, but luckily Greg Hughes “the developer of Wi-Fi Sync” has decided a $5 discount isn’t bad so he lowered the price to $4,99 till June 11th . So be fast because after June 11th the price will become $9,99 again. You can download Wi-Fi Sync via the BigBoss-repo.

May 28

wifi-syncTwo weeks ago I told you that there is a new Cydia app called Wi-Fi sync which is available via the BigBoss-repo for $9,99 for jailbroken iPhone users. Unfortunately it was only available for the iPhone users with a Mac, but luckily Greg Hughes said he was working on a Windows compatible version, and has released the new Wi-Fi sync today its now compatible with Windows and is official compatible with the iPad. » Wi-Fi Sync: Now Compatible With The iPad & Windows [jailbreak]

May 21

aDownloader is a download manager for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad, that supports over 40 file types. PDF, Word files, Excel files, Power Point files, audio files, videos, image files, text files, rar/zip archives and more. You can download the files from any site you like, including hosting sites such as rapidshare. You can also create folders, cut, copy, delete and move your downloaded files. You can download multiple files at once and pause/resume interrupted downloads. The best thing of all is that you can download aDownloader for free. You can get it in Cydia via the BigBoss repo. » aDownloader: Download Manager App For iDevices [jailbreak]

May 18

open opera
We all know Opera Mini by now, some people like it and some dont. But for the people that do like it OpenOpera is a nice tweak. Its a SBSettings toggle that will let you set Opera Mini as the default iDevice browser. So if you would like to use Opera Mini instead of MobileSafari make sure your iDevice is jailbroken and download the OpenOpera tweak now for free via the BigBoss repo. » OpenOpera: Set Opera Mini As The Default iDevice Browser [jailbroken]

May 15

Greg Hughes “the developer of Wi-Fi Sync” had previously submitted Wi-Fi Sync to the App Store but has been rejected by Apple. So Greg Hughes decided to submit the App to Cydia and is now available via the BigBoss-repo for $9,99 for jailbroken iPhone users. Wi-Fi Sync makes it possible to sync your iDevice with iTunes via Wi-Fi. At this point it is only working on the Mac, but Greg Hughes said it will be compatible with Windows soon. It is not officially supported but it does work on the iPad as well.

May 13

cydia_upgradeThere is a new update for Cydia that i recommend you to download. It improves the speed and performance of Cydia, and Cydia will be more compatible with the iPad after the update.

Cydia is a directory of applications usable on a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch.

Source [FSM]

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