Nov 15

Applidium posted on their blog that they managed to crack open Siris protocol. As a result, we are able to use Siris recognition engine from any device. Which that means anyone could now write an Android app that uses the real Siri! Or use Siri on an iPad! In their blog post they explained how they did it and how developers can use it. » Applidium Cracked Siri Security Protocol: Siri Possible On Any iDevice

Feb 28

zbThe developers are getting a little bit sick of their work being pirated so they decided to step up and built some new protection in their apps. Zen Bound, the new game is one of the first that has a protection.
» App Store – New protection (zen bound)

Aug 02

As some people may have noticed before Pwnage Tool 2.0 was released, the iPhone-Dev Team posted some rather cryptic messages in between their posts, well they explain what they meant in their latest post. » iPhone-Dev Team Cryptic messages CRACKED