Sep 13

T-Mobile has announced its pricing for Apple’s new iPhones, offering the iPhone 5c for free and the iPhone 5s for $99 down payment on a two year contract. The 16GB iPhone 5c will require 24 monthly payments of $22 per month for a total device cost of $528, while the 16GB iPhone 5s will require 24 monthly payments of $22.91 for a total device cost of $648.84. » T-Mobile Offering iPhone 5c For $0 & iPhone 5s for $99 On Two Year Contract

Jul 15

Hi-Tech Mail
reports that the Russian cellular carrier Beeline (through parent company VimpelCom) has decided against renewing its contract with Apple, making it the last of the country’s three major iPhone carriers to do so. Instead Beeline made a deal to offer Samsung devices on their network in place of Apple’s smartphone. » Beeline: Third Major Russian Carrier To Drop iPhone

Nov 28

The new iPhone 5 has cemented its place on our shelves already as one of the best monthly contract phones amid a public clamour to see just how the new generation of Apple’s mobile phones has evolved.  Apple has become renowned for technological innovation, and will be remembered as one of the iconic companies of our times due to its relentless pushing of boundaries – but we must sometimes remember that not all innovation needs to be or can be revolutionary. » What’s The New iPhone Like?

Oct 04

The full retail cost for an 16GB iPhone 5 starts at $650 in the US. If you are buying the iPhone 5 with a two year contract they are knocking the price down to $199. But how much will you pay including the two year contract? Is it really cheaper for you to buy the iPhone from any carrier? Mashable have posted an interesting infographic by Avalaunch Media that shows a break down of all of the iPhone 5-releated expenses you’ll likely incur over the next two years if you purchase one on-contract. Check it out after the break. » True Cost Of An iPhone 5 [Infographic]

Feb 08

Contracts for Apple iPhone are being exclusively designed and includes data grants that only take place on the iPhone other than the complete minutes as well as text that is being offered in the SIM deal. So lets take a look after the break to see what kind of possibilities we have when we purchase our new iPhone. » IPhone Contracts In USA Comparison

Dec 14

On April Foolsday in 1976 Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ron Wayne signed the founding contract for Apple Computer. The original contract has been sold at Sothebys books and manuscripts auction Tuesday afternoon to a phone bidder for $1.6 million. The tech fortune posted a video of the last minute of the Tuesday bidding for the documents, which started at $70,000 and ended 9 minutes later at $1.35 million. You can see the video after the break. » Original Apple Founding Contract Sells For $1.6 Million At Sothebys Auction

Mar 19

images-1Starting on March 26th AT&T will sell the 8GB and the 16GB iPhone 3G with no contract for $599 and $699. Besides the no-commitment part AT&T will also not require any in store activation. That means you can get the handset and activate it later on. Unfortunately you won’t be able to buy iPhones in bulk as there’s a one per line rule in effect. Check out the AT&T presentation after the break.
» AT&T will sell the iPhone 3G with no contract and no activation