Jun 23

Radio Donna (Belgian radio station) is the first to give away free iPhone 3G’s. The contest will start this friday (27june) at 00:00h european central time. Why am i informing you guys about this? First of all, how is it possible that a radio Station can give away free iPhone 3G’s before 11th of July? And second, the iPhone 3G will not be released the 11th of July in Belgium! Or is this a confirmation that it will be released the 11th?
» iPhone 3G – Win the first iPhones 3G on Radio Donna (Belgium)

May 25

It’s time to inform you guys of the updates again.

I’ve added automatic pictures (avatars) when you post a comment.
If you like to have your own picture (avatar), like me, then you can register for free on Gravatar.com

Once you have registered, Make sure you use the same e-mail address as the one you are using to post comments on here.
» iPhoneFreakz update + contest launch

May 22

Some iPhoneFreakz news

First of all i would like to thank you all.
Thanks to you iPhoneFreakz is becoming one of the top iPhone reference sites on the internet.
To celebrate that we are growing at a very rapid pace, we will be launching a contest very soon.
I haven’t got all the details yet, but i do already have some nice prizes to give away!!
We are currently still searching for some extra prizes as we would like the contest to be very big.
» iPhoneFreakz newsflash

Mar 25

By now we have all heared about the iBand group.

They use iPhone applications to produce some nice sounding songs. I must admit that they are still very experimental,
but i do think they sound good!.

They have released a new song + video and a new contest.

What is the contest about?

What makes you feel alive? Post it on our website!*

It can be something you do every day or something completely new or
different that you always wanted to do, but never tried.

It??™s not about being better, higher, wilder –
» iBand music + movies + contest.

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