Mar 27

Earlier Apple already announced that the winner of its 25 billion app countdown contest was Fu Chunli (see above), a resident of Qingdao, China who downloaded “Disney Where’s My Water? Free” and won a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card. M.I.C. Gadget reported that she had only been an iPhone user for a month at the time of milestone and had been unaware of the contest until she was contacted by Apple.

Fu Chunli was not a big fan of Apple, and had only purchased her iPhone for about one month, still learning how to use the App Store. She didn’t know anything about the competition until she was contacted by Apple. When she received a call from staff at Apple (China), she thought it was a hoax. She was still confused when a friend told her that she received a prize from Apple, but did not believe her luck until she saw an email from Apple Inc.

» The Apple 25 Billion App Download Contest Winner Flown to Beijing for Award Ceremony

Jun 01

This week we can give away 20 10 promo codes for the iPhone application BatteryFull. This is because they are celebrating 1 year in the Appstore. BatteryFull is a application by the same creators as MustApps In Box and can help you save energy. When you start BatteryFull while you are charging the iPhone, you’ll here an alarm when the battery is full. That way, you’ll know when the battery is done charging, so you can pull your iPhone from the charger and save energy. BatteryFull only costs $0,99, but for 20 10 lucky iPhoneFreakz readers it will be free. All you have to do is come up with a slogan for BatteryFull and tell us via a comment. The 20 10 most original/creative/funniest or catchy slogans will receive a BatteryFull promo code via the mail. Because of the little amount of comments we will give away 10 instead of 20 Promo Codes, the winners will be announced tomorrow. » [UPDATE] GIVEAWAY: 10 Promo Codes For Batteryfull + (Alarm)

May 22

One week ago we started the CopyTrans Photo giveaway. We promised to give away 5 licenses for CopyTrans Photo, worth $29,99 each. Today is the day we announce the 5 lucky winners. All winners are randomly chosen. Take a quick look and see if you are the winner. Congratulations to all the 5 lucky winners: » WINNERS: Giveaway CopyTrans Photo Licenses! [UPDATED]

Dec 24

door24newsaThe last day of the AppventCalendar is today. Like yesterday, today there won’t be a new free game. Instead BlackSmithGames offers another contest. They also thank everybody for their cooperation and  comments. The Appvent Calendar was a huge success and it will be back in April next year. Below are the details of the contest.

» Last Day AppventCalendar: Big Contest And “See You Next Year”

Dec 23 doesn’t give a free game today because iTunes Connect is closed during Christmas. So instead BlackSmithGames is organizing this contest. Your goal is to design a character for their game “Plushed”. Become the winner of the contest and win a $200 iTunes Gift Card. » AppventCalendar: December 23rd Is A Contest

Apr 29


We proudly present all new way for you to win great prizes from Skyworks and » Contest: Try and Win

Apr 19
Vote and Win: Which is the best iPhone game?

Vote and Win: Which is the best iPhone game?

» Vote and Win: Which is the best iPhone game? (Ends)

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