Apr 03

Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and now Nokia they are all mocking each other in TV Ads these days. Nokia released three TV Ads mocking the iPhone for being fragile, difficult to view outside and the “death grip”. Check the other two ads after the break. » Nokia Released Three New Ads Mocking The iPhone

Feb 10

Apple has released two new television commercials about the iPhone 4S feature, Siri. The above TV ad is called “Rock God” Both commercials show how to use the iPhone 4S Siri functionality to find directions, locate a restaurant, or send text messages. After the break you can find the other iPhone 4S Siri TV Ad, calles “Road Trip”. » Apple Released Two New iPhone 4S Siri TV Ads

Aug 03

Apple Released two new TV Commercials. One is telling you, If you do not have an iPhone, you do not have an iPod in your phone. And you do not have iTunes on your phone, the worlds number one music store. The other ones is trying to explain that If you do not have an iPhone, you do not have the App Store, with the worlds largest selection of apps. Check the other TV Ad after the break. » Apple Released Two New TV Ads [Video]

Sep 26

Apple created four new FaceTime commercials where they show how much fun you can have when making a FaceTime call. “FaceTime is video chat for the iPhone 4 en iPod touch 4G” There are no lyrics in these movies, only the song ‘When You’re Smiling’ by Louis Armstrong. You can see 3 more movies after the break. » Four New FaceTime Commercials

Jul 12

Apple iPhone 4 ads
Apple just launched 4 new iPhone 4 commercials all about FaceTime. The commercials are called Smile, Meet Her, Big News, and Haircut. Apple shows different situations and emotions in each ad. You can see the commercials after the break. » Apple: 4 New iPhone 4 FaceTime Ads