Nov 04

Apple has launched a new TV ad for the iPad Mini that they also showed off during the media event last week. The ad is called “Piano” and shows GarageBand running on the full-size iPad playing one hand and later on the iPad Mini, playing a duet from ‘Heart and Soul‘.

Oct 25

Apple has posted a video of Jony Ive and iPad product marketing head Michael Tchao introduction the iPad mini. The video gives a behind-the-scenes look at the development the iPad mini.

If all that we had done was take the original iPad and just reduce it, all that you would be aware of was everything that was just missing. There is inherent loss in just reducing a product in size.

What we did, was we went back to the very beginning and we took the time to design a product that was a concentration of, and not a reduction of, the original. We felt strongly that 7.9 inches was exactly the right display size, but it became clear that we had to reduce the width of the borders. So, you can still pick it up and easily use it with one hand.

Apple also posted a new TV ad for the iPad mini that features colorful Smart Covers dancing around the screen. Check it out after the break. » Apple Posts iPad Mini Intro and TV Ad

Sep 22

Apple has launched 4 new TV ads to introduce the iPhone 5. They are focused on the 4-inch Retina display, the new EarPod headphones and the new Panorama feature in iOS 6. The ads are voiced by Jeff Daniels, currently starring as Will McAvoy on HBO’s Newsroom.

Check out two more iPhone 5 ads after the break.

» Apple Launched 4 TV Ads For The iPhone 5

Aug 08

From reading a magazine to helping your business run smoothly, you can do just about anything on iPad. And with Retina display, it’s all more beautiful than ever.

Jul 24

This is the fourth ad in Apple’s line of popular Siri commercials. This time legendary film director Martin Scorsese does an iPhone commercial showing off Siri. Scorsese is found in his natural environment—on the streets of Manhattan in the back of a cab. » Martin Scorsese Does Siri Commercial In NYC Cab

Jun 19

Apple has aired a new iPad TV advertisement that focuses on what the new iPad’s Retina display brings to life. “Whatever you do on iPad, do it all more beautifully than ever with the stunning Retina display.”

May 24

Apple has just released two new commercials. The commercial above “While helping John Malkovich plan a night out, Siri shows him her funny side”. The second commercial after the break shows “After John Malkovich gets philosophical, Siri is ready with an answer”. » Apple Airs Two New Siri Commercials Featuring John Malkovich

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