Nov 01

From watching movies on its brilliant 9.7 inch screen to plugging in your guitar and jamming out, iPad can be just about anything.

Oct 06

The iPhone 4’s Retina display is the highest resolution phone screen,ever. Which means all your photos, movies, emails, and even apps look more amazing than ever before.

May 25

Engadget reported
that American Beauty director Sam Mendes is in the process of putting together a series of Apple commercial which will feature video chat on the next gen iPhone. Engadget said they have a trusted source, saying the commercial will include a mother and daughter talking to each other using video chat on the iPhone using the new front-facing camera.

Engadget also found some messages from actors saying they will do audition for the Apple commercials, one actress from New York is doing audition today for the “f***ing apple commercial” and is praying for a miracle. A fellow from California also reported he was “Off to a commercial audition for Apple :)”. » iPhone 4G Commercial Will Feature iChat

Dec 17

more_noel_iphone_casesApple has created a new commercial and posted it on their website. The commercial shows 12 different apps that have something to do with Christmas. The list of 12 apps (as well as the video) is provided below: » Apple Commercial: 12 Apps Of Xmas

Oct 13

Perccia is a French iPhone repair company. They made a commercial to show their services to everyone. It looks like a beautifully edited CSI-like commercial involving a murdered iPhone. Perccia not only repairs the iPhone, but finds the murderer as well.

» Perccia Repairs iPhone And Solves Murder

Aug 13

mac_touch1-400x240Apple Insider reports about an Apple commercial about a new mystery product being filmed at a restaurant called “Jax at the Tracks” in Truckee, California. The owner of the restaurant, Bud Haley, said:

“Apple found us, they’re trying to show us as a hip and cool spot for the 20-something crowd.”

» Apple Mystery Product Commercial Filmed In California

Nov 05

Apple has posted its latest TV advertisement for the iPhone 3G. Titled “Dilemmas,” the spot continues Apple’s recent trend of highlighting only one app in each commercial, with this particular ad highlighting the Urbanspoon application and its feature which lets users shake the device to get recommendations on local restaurants. The new ad is now available for viewing on Apple’s website.
» Dilemmas: Apple’s new iPhone commercial

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