Jul 07

It is a simple, honest goal in life. Start a family, watch it grow. Get a bigger house, watch the family grow more. But add in puzzles, games, crazy relatives and their wacky costumes, bright colors and vivid graphics and you turn that everyday dream into a fun, handheld everyday game! Mobile games developer Com2uS popular Korean title, Puzzle Family, has been set loose on the iTunes App Store today! » Think Your Family Is Crazy? Meet COM2US Puzzle Family

Jun 28

The popular game Slice It! from Com2uS, one of Koreas leading mobile games developers, has been updated today to include a new game-play mode to keep you slicing, dicing and playing forever: Slice It! Quick. Com2uS popular Slice It! has had players cutting various shapes into specific, strategic pieces since its initial release last summer. Easy to pick up and play, kids have loved the bright colors and inviting graphics. Dont let that fool you, Slice It! has over 200 basic stages and with todays update, never-ending challenges sure to puzzle you! » COM2US Slice It! Gets Updated With A New Mode Today!

May 26

Tower Defense Lost Earth
Earth needs resources as it expands into a new world in deep space. But there’s something—or someone—else out there…Protect Earth’s last hope in the long-awaited Tower Defense for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad! Leading global mobile game company Com2uS is proud to announce that their definitive tower defense title, Tower Defense: Lost Earth, is now available on the iTunes App Store! » The Definitive Tower Defense: Lost Earth Released By COM2US!

Apr 22

Third Blade
Following a long line of successful RPG-style mobile scrollers from Korea’s number one mobile games company, Com2uS’ Third Blade is poised to be the next action hit for the company. Available today on the iTunes App Store, Third Blade offers adrenaline-fueled action arcade fun with Com2uS’ patent polish and depth. Wading through a gorgeous but mysterious forest, you start to grow uneasy. As you and your companion go deeper into the woods, you are overwhelmed by an onslaught of monsters, who get progressively more vicious and complicated. But you’ve got tricks of your own up your sleeve: three weapon styles including dual wielding, one-handed blade, and an enormous ‘buster’ sword! » Com2uS Released Their Newest Title: Third Blade!

Apr 15

Inotia 3
What would it take to change warrior’s destiny? The Big Adventure! Inotia3: the Carnia’s Apprentice!  An inevitable fate has lain before Inotia3: Children of Carnia. The far greatest epic adventure! The Chronicles of Inotia III! The new legend is about to begin in the continent of Inotia. “With the coming of age ritual ahead, Lucio and Ameli from Carnia village happen to be acquiring guntlets, and the adventure stirred up by these guntlets leads to a consequence that is a way beyond their imaginations… Lucio and Ameli realize soon that they have extraordinary destinies lain before them… Warriors’ predestined fates have been lasted for thousands of years already… Will those of who are born to be warriors be happy after all?” » Inotia 3: the Carnia’s Apprentice, Free Adventure Game

Feb 10

Com2uS announced that they have released Chocolate Tycoon, a new time management game that involves making chocolates and running a chocolate shop.
Help Cocoteenie make chocolates even Tyrant King Choco would crave for!
White, Milk, Dark and Gold Chocolate!! Satisfy the people of Choco Choco village and please King Choco with scrumptious bits of sheer richness. Move around stores and shops to sell and buy products! » Com2uS Released Chocolate Tycoon!

Feb 03

Slice It! has been updated to version 1.5 and Com2us added an additional 20 stages with various shapes of chocolates and candies you can slice! New “Sweety Skin” along with a Christmas and an original skin has been added in an option, you can simply choose one that you like. As an extra, they also added more bonus stages. » Slice It! Updated With 20 New Levels!

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