Jan 27

Some publications have posted their first reviews on the film JOBS after the premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and will arrive in theaters nationwide on April 19. Some of the reviews that can be found after the break include reviews from The Next Web, The Verge, Cinema Blend, CNET and more. » First Reviews Of Ashton Kutcher’s Film “JOBS” by CNET, Cinema Blend and More

Aug 31

According to a new report Apple will double the length of free song samples this week, from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. Greg Sandoval of CNet reported Monday said that Steve Jobs most likely will announce at the Media Event “tomorrow 1 September” that iTunes users will be able to sample 60 seconds of a song before purchasing it. He also wrote “For those who are hoping Apple will finally launch the cloud music service that CNET and others have written so much about in recent months, you’re likely going to have to keep waiting.” » Apple Will Change iTunes Song Samples From 30 To 60 Seconds & No Cloud-Based iTunes?