Jun 13

Wake up to your cool iLive clock radio that charges iPhone and uses your iPhone as a Clock at the same time. The dock comes with a clock face that is missing the 12, and when the iPhone is plugged in, it displays the 12 on the iPhone Display with the use of an app. Charging your iPhone and turning it into a clock at the same time is a pretty great idea. » iLive Clock Radio Plays & Charges Your iPhone

Sep 05

The newest iPod Nano is so small why not use it as a watch? Ogikubokei was thinking the same and uploaded a picture to Flickr showing a iWatch concept. Its pretty simple, just a regular watch strap and a iPod Nano mounted on the strap using the clip on the back. Its pretty simple, but maybe Apple is thinking the same and will the iWatch be the next new gadget they release.

Jul 22

beep meBeep Me for iPhone is a nifty little app that is created for the iPhone with iOS4. It’s a simple reminder application that uses the power of iOS4’s multitasking and local notifications. It allows you to set a reminder for the next 24 hours with an easy to use timer and Beep Me will notify you when time has come. When the time has come it will let you know thanks to some sound effect and a message. Normally this app will cost $0,99 but for the first 5 lucky readers I have posted 5 promo codes after the break. » Beep Me For iPhone + Promo Codes

Jul 11

imm153-desktop-alarm-clockDo you have trouble waking up in the morning? iLuv has the solution. They introduce the iMM153 Desktop Alarm Clock for the iPod. You’ll literally be shaken out of bed. » Wake Up With The iLuv iMM153

Jun 14

WordClock is a new toy for the iPhone and iPod touch. It displays the clock but not in digits like we are accustomed to, this app gives you a page with all the words that are commonly used to tell the time. The cool thing about this clock is that it highlights the time in words over the full page. Tappping once on the screen will let you change the colors.
» WordClock 0.1b – iPhone clock based on words