Sep 26

iOS 6 has just been released, but many jailbreakers would like to wait before updating their iDevice to iOS 6 so they can keep enjoying their favorite jailbreak tweaks. Pod2g however just tweeted that he is not working on a jailbreak for iOS 6 “I’m not working on it ATM, sorry. I’m focusing on my job. Maybe discussions at #WWJC will generate ideas (?)” This means jailbreakers may have to wait a little longer before they can enjoy their tweaked iOS 6. » Pod2g: I’m Not Working On A Jailbreak For iOS 6

Nov 08

Siri iPhone 3GS
After successfully porting Siri to the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G, the dynamic duo chpwn and Steve Troughton-Smith, managed to port iPhones personal assistant to the 3GS. There is no word on when or if it will be released to the public. In theory, the distribution of Siri is illegal , but there might be a workaround it. Check out the movie after the break. » Siri On The iPhone 3GS

Nov 01

A couple of days ago, we wrote that Steve Troughton-Smith and chpwn have fully ported Siri to the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. Unfortunately, they are not able to distribute the port or the procedure they have used, because Apple owns the copyright on the software, images, and data used inside iOS. So we still can not fully port Siri our self “yet”. To understand the rights and reasons why we can not distribute the port, chpwn wrote a post on his blog to explaine these things and why. Check it out after the break. » Why Siri For iPhone 4 & iPod Touch Can Not Be Released To The Public

Nov 12

Cydia-iOS 4.2
iOS 4.2 is not released yet, but the update of Cydia is ready to go public. Developer @chpwn and Saurik developed an update for Cydia because there has been some changes in a lot of API’s. Because iOS 4.2 has been delayed “with probably one week or so” Cydia will also wait. Cydia will be released quickly after the release of iOS 4.2 and will have some technical and design changes.

Aug 04

New day new Cydia app, infinifolders. Apple limited the amount of icons that you can add to a folder in iOS 4 to a maximum of 12. But thanks to Infinifolders, “which  is a tweak developed by chpwn” you are not limited anymore and you can add as many icons in a folder as you want. You can access the icon by scrolling up and down. You can purchase infinifolders in the Cydia store for $1,99 via the BigBoss repo and is only compatible with iOS 4.

Feb 18

vertical scrolling iphone iconsChpwn, Infinidock and ProSwitcher, are working together to create a new Cydia app that enables you to scroll your icons vertical “This means that you can navigate by sliding up and down and that you can add more icons on each page.”. The app doesn’t have a name yet but if you know a name, you can send your suggestion via twitter. Check out the movie of this app after the break… » Vertical Scrolling Icons On Your iPhone [jailbreak]