Sep 22

iPhone 4 china
Apple announced on Sunday that they will begin selling the iPhone 4 trough Apple retail stores in China on September 25 at 8:00 am, including the new store at Hong Kong Plaza in Shanghai and the new Apple Store Xidan Joy City. In the meantime Apple will held a workshop on the same day to teach the customers about the iPhone 4. » iPhone 4 Will Be Released In China On September 25

Sep 18

Yesterday in China, the iPad “Wi-Fi model” finally went on sale at the Apple Stores in Beijing and Shanghai. As you can seen in the movie above, everybody was pretty excited. Because of the VAT the prices of the iPad are a little higher then in the US. The prices for the iPad range from 3988 yuan ($590) for 16gb, 4788 yuan ($712) for 32gb to 5588 yuan (US $826) for 64gb. » iPad Launched In China!

Aug 29

Yes you see it correctly, the iPhone 4 carrier China Unicom is advertising a jailbreak service with purchase. They are selling a jailbroken iPhone 4 as well as a iPad 3G. We are not sure what iOS version is installed on these iDevices since iOS 4.0.2 breaks Maybe they only sell iPhones that which are shipped with a earlier version of iOS 4, or they managed to downgrade the firmware version. » China Unicom Sales Jailbroken iPhones!

Aug 24

The Chinese website reported that the iPhone 4 will be launched in China on September 16th. According to a “source” the provider China Unicom will sell the iPhone 4 that you can purchase on the China Unicom website. China Unicom is the exclusive provider of the iPhone and already launched the 8GB iPhone 3GS on August 9th. » Rumor: iPhone 4 Due In China On September 16th!

Aug 09

The iPhone officially went on sale in China in October, two years after its US debut. Unfortunately the Chinese version was a stripped down version without WiFi. But now people in China can purchase a Wi-Fi enabled iPhone 3GS! The telecom operator China Unicom will sell the iPhone 3GS with Wi-Fi enabled since yesterday. » iPhone 3GS With Wi-Fi enabled Arrived in China

Jun 03

China did it again, they created a iClone. Its a cheap knockoff of the Next Gen iPhone, before Apple could release the real thing. This phone is called the GPS-PHONE and looks pretty cheap but has a build in TV antenna, a front facing camera, mini USB interface, camera flash and allows you to install java applications. We don’t know what this device will cost, so if someone knows please leave a comment. More pictures after the break. » First Chinese Counterfeit Of Next Gen iPhone!

May 29

China the iPed
China did it again, they created a knockoff of a Apple product. The iPad finally goes on sale in Japan, but the iPad is not the only gadget they showed on the news. They also the iPed! The iPed is a cheap Apple iPad lookalike, its only a little heavier than the Apple iPad and runs on Android. But the best thing of all is the price, it only costs ¥9,600 (US$105 or €85), that 5 times cheaper than the iPad. Video and Pictures after the break. » Cant Afford A iPad? Buy A iPed!

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