Jul 04

DigiTimes reported that Second-grade 9.7-inch IPS panels, those failing to meet requirements for use to make touch screens for iPad 2, may have been procured by China-based white-box vendors for use in their 9.7-inch tablet PCs, according to industry sources in Taiwan. LG Display and Samsung Electronics are two main suppliers of 9.7-inch IPS panels for iPad 2, the sources indicated. Since yield rates for such panels are lower than those for other types of panels, a portion of output is below Apples standard but may not be really defective in terms of usability. » Chinese Manufacturers Reportedly Using “Rejected” iPad Displays For iPad Clones

Jul 03

According to several Chinese new sources, a shoe cleaner in China saw someone with an iPad and asked if she could get online and help find her daughter. Apparently she had not seen her daughter for five years. Unfortunately, there was not a network available for the Wi-Fi only iPad, so the person took a picture of the womans with her iPhone and distributed it through Weibo. » iPhone & iPad Help Mother Finding Her Daughter In China After 5 Years

Jun 15

The Wall Street Journal reported that a Chinese court sentenced three people to prison terms for collaborating to steal information from a key supplier regarding Apple Inc.’s iPad 2 several months before its release, the latest outcome from leaks about products made by the technology giant. The three people were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 12 to 18 months and are subject to fines ranging from approximately $4,500 to $23,000. » Three People Sent To Prison In China Over iPad 2 Leaks

May 23

Plant Explosion iPad Foxconn Chengdu
3 Days ago at around 19:00 in China, Foxconn Chengdu manufacture plant got an explosion, we are not sure actually what cause the explosion and how many casualties had resulted. At the scene, there are currently more than 10 fire engines, ambulances and 10 police cars had arrived on the scene. And, the explosion is happened in an operating room inside Foxconn. Video of the scene after the break. » Foxconn Chengdu Manufacture Plant Explosion! (videos)

Mar 08

iPhone 4 prototype 64GB
We are not sure if this is real or not, but it looks real. it appears that a series of iPhone 4s with capacity of 64 GB have been put on sale in grey markets of Hong Kong. The people who sell these “engineering prototypes” claim it runs iOS 4.1 build 8B117 and carrying a lot of XXXs where the model numbers are ID should be. Remember we are still determining if this is real. » iPhone 4 64GB Engineered Prototypes On Sale In Hong Kong?

Dec 31

There are tons of iPhone knockoffs but the SoPhone is probably the best iPhone knockoff till this day. The SoPhone has lots of features: “Multitasking”, search, and even moving “apps” into folders with drag-and-drop! It is an iPhone 4 knockoff and even includes a knockoff of Apple’s iOS software. Video and more specs after the break. » SoPhone Best iPhone 4 Knockoff Reviewed

Oct 29

In the video above you see a tablet coming from China that looks very similar to the iPad and has the exact same 9.7-inch display found in the iPad, but not everything is the same. First of all this “iPad Clone” runs Android 2.2 which means it can also run flash. More info and pictures after the break. » iPad Clone Running On Android

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