Nov 06

Its crazy, first they created Angry Birds Plushies, Angry Birds Wallpapers and Angry Birds Halloween Costumes, now they created Angry Birds Cases for the iPhone 4 made by Gear4. They will be on the market this month in three different colors “red, yellow and green” and will probably cost around $19,99. It is not sure if these cases can be found in a store near you, because till now we only know that the British operator O2 will sell them. » Angry Birds iPhone Cases Available Soon!

Oct 28

A new unique case can be purchased from the webstore of Incase. Its a Ping Pong iPhone 4 case. You can purchase this unique lightweight case provides form-fitting protection and flex-fit construction for $29,95 and is available in black, green, blue and red.

Oct 21

Last week a gift was given with each copy of the special edition of M girl magazine, a free iPad cover. This case was designed by mastermind JAPAN in collaboration with photographer Mika Ninagawa. It includes the iconic skull and crossbone logo from the clothes label and is available in two colors, black and white. For more information check this out.

Sep 13

We already showed you the iWatch concept by Ogikubokei, but what about the Incipio Linq iPod Nano Watch Case. It’s a wrist-worn carrying solution for the iPod Nano. The Linq from Incipio which will be available in 5 different colours features a full “wrist” housing that will not only protect the Nano “thanks to the award winning Next Generation Polymer material”, but also ensure it doesn’t get accidentally dislodged while worn. » The iPad Nano 6G Watch Case

Sep 06

Ever wondered if you can turn your iPhone into an digital microscope? Well it can be done very simple by using an 5 pound microscope found on Amazon “which comes with 3 batteries, 2 LEDs and free Prime shipping” an iPhone4 BodyGlove case for 13 bucks and some glue. The guy from crabfuartworks said its “really simple to make, dirt cheap, and hours of fun!” On his blog you can see pictures of the microscope and pictures made by the microscope.

Sep 06

nuu mini-key iPhone 4
Nuu has created a new accessory that they showed at the IFA, The Nuu Mini-Key. The Nuu Mini-Key is a new accessory that serves up a fully integrated QWERTY slider keyboard for your iPhone 4. For 70 bucks you get a protective case that also claims to resolve the iPhone 4 antenna issues, and if you want you can use the QWERTY slider keyboard with backlighting that is mounted underneath, just like a flip phone. » Nuu Mini-Key Flipping iPhone 4 Keyboard

Aug 20


iVogue, the Fashion iPhone Case Store loves the iPhoneFreakz readers just as much as we do. They are kind enough to offer a FREE screen protector with every order you make, all you have to do is put ‘iphonefreakz’ in the ‘Instructions to seller’ box at checkout and it will be refunded at dispatch. So had offer to to purchase a iPhone Case and receive your free screen protector.

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