May 04

Logitech announced the expansion of both its solar and tablet accessories lineups with the Logitech® Solar Keyboard Folio. Made for the new, third-generation iPad as well as the iPad 2, the ultra-slim, book-style case and keyboard offer stylish design with protection, featuring a built-in keyboard that’s powered by light. Logitech claims, fully powered, you can type on it for two years—even in complete darkness. » Logitech Announces Solar-Powered iPad Keyboard Case

Apr 15

Its sounds stupid but if you are working in the army or are living in a neighbourhood with trigger happy gangsters, this can be the case for you. This Bulletproof iPhone 4 case from Marudai is a 1-inch thick armor plate steel covering for your smartphone designed to stop a direct hit from a bullet. And, just so you understand that the case really is about stopping bullets, the company will even send you a commemorative 12.7 millimeter dummy bullet. But protecting your precious gangster contacts from a hail of bullets won’t come cheap, the case costs about $648 here. Check out more picturs after the break. » Ridiculous Bulletproof iPhone Case Makes Your iPhone 2 Kilo Heavier

Apr 08

A Japanese retailer Rakuten is selling a new kind of iPad “NoteBook Case” for 5,980 yen “roughly $75”, which makes your iPad look like a MacBook Pro “clone”. The case comes with a built-in battery that allows you to charge the iPad while in use, a USB port, mini USB port, and keyboard with Bluetooth support. At this point the case is only available via the Japanese website Rakuten, but it is possible it will arrive on their United States-based in the near future. Check out the detailed pictures after the break. » Turn Your iPad Into A MacBook Pro With This iPad Case

Mar 14

Always wanted to a Leica-ish iPhone camera case? The wait is over. For just $65 this case is yours. It comes in silver (for $70), black, white and orange. 

More info after the break.

» Cool Leica-ish iPhone camera case

Feb 14

In the picture above you see a $20 universal mobile phone waterproof case up to 1 meter (3 feet). This way you do not have to worry about breaking your iPhone while walking in the rain because this case protects from weather, dust, dirt, impact and scratches. You can even take underwater pictures or videos. » Aqualife: Universal Mobile Phone Waterproof Case

Jan 19

iPad 3 Case
9to5mac reported that case producer “Chinee” of China has begun selling cases for a device that it called “iPad 2S”. In total you can already find 3 different iPad 2S cases in their store here. The name obviously stems from the name iPhone 4S, where the S notes an internal technical specification update rather than a re-design. The cases are build on the latest rumors saying that the next gen iPad “iPad 3” will look identical to the iPad 2, but it will be slightly thicker. The iPad 2S Chinee cases fit a design that is 1MM thicker than the iPad 2 form-factor. » Chinee Start Producing iPad 3 Cases, Slightly Thicker iPad 2 Design

Jan 11

Review-Week-Budgetgadgets-softcases 1
This is already day 3 of the review week sponsored by BudgetGadgets. Today we will review two iPod Touch 4 Cases. One is a rubber case and one is a soft plastic case which you can see in the picture above. These are just two of the 600+ cases you can find at Read the review after the break. » Review Week Day 3: Rubber & Hard Case For iPod Touch 4 From BudgetGadgets [review]

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