Sep 23

I would like to introduce four of our new Team members that just joined the iPhoneFreakz Team last week: Matt, Daniel, Qasim and Maulik. We are trying to make iPhoneFreakz more active by posting more messages everyday and these new team members will help us out. Matt comes from the USA and will be our main Game/App Reviewer. Daniel from the UK will also help us by being a Game Reviewer as well. Qasim is coming from the USA and will be a Daily Poster/Blogger. Maulik will be the Forum Administrator, he will clean and fix our forum.

Also interested in joining the iPhoneFreakz Team? Well we are still looking for volunteers, daily and weekend posters, so if you are interested email me “Chris” at

Jul 03

Shozu is a upcoming free iPhone appstore application that promises to make your world mobile. It allows you to interact with almost any popular social network out there. Shozu will allow you to post photos & videos, update your profile status, read and reply to comments and download your friends photos and feeds on nearly all your favorite social networks. The application is already available to several other mobile platforms but the iPhone version is almost ready to be offered in the AppStore.
» AppStore – Shozu share your iPhone videos and pictures on social networks