Jul 13

GeoHot is a iPhone hacker mostly known as the creator of Blackra1n and Blacksn0w. Most of the time he is the first hacker that comes with a jailbreak solution for the next OS or iDevice. He also wrote on his blog a view days ago that he managed to jailbreak the iPhone 4. Unfortunately today there is some bad news, GeoHot is leaving the jailbreaking world! His blog has now been closed to the public and his twitter account has been removed. He did this pretty fast after his last update on his blog where he was talking about all the haters and the people that keep complaining. Blog post after the break. » GeoHot Left The Jailbreaking World

May 12

Blackra1n and Spirit are 2 of the most popular jailbreak tools out there, but there are still people that encounter some problems. iFixer can be the solution for you, it will fix the problems that are caused by iTunes 9.1.1. All you have to do is put iFixer in the same folder as Spirit or Blackra1n, start iFixer and click “Make It Spirit!” or “Make It Ra1n!” to fix Spirit or Blackra1n. » iFixer, Solve Blackra1n/Spirit Problems On Windows

Mar 31

itunes 9.1 stopped blackra1n
The never ending battle between Apple and jailbreaks continues. Apple just released iTunes 9.1 with several new features and improvements, but that’s not all. It also kills Blackra1n on Windows. So if you are a tethered blackra1n user on windows, Don’t update! » Warning: Do Not Update To iTunes 9.1 If You Are A Tethered Blackra1n User!

Oct 26

geohot-jailbreakGeohot has just released a new version of blackra1n. The tool allows you to jailbreak the latest firmware for both the iPhone and iPod touch. This is RC2 and fixes couple of bugs. » Blackra1n RC2 For Mac And Windows

Oct 14

After the release of the Windows version of Blackra1n, Geohot has now released the Mac Version. Just to make sure everybody understands: Blackra1n supports Cydia, Icy and Rock Your iPhone. Blackra1n is for people who have an ‘out of the box’ iPhone with OS 3.1 or 3.1.2. The jailbreak is for all iPhones and iPods (except for the 2G and 3G iPod touch). » Geohot Releases Blackra1n For Mac

Oct 11

blackra1nGeohot has created Blackra1n, the first jailbreak for iPhone OS 3.1.2. It supports Cydia and Icy and is for people who are on firmware 3.1 and 3.1.2. It is also for all devices except the iPod touch 3G. It is possible to jailbreak the iPod touch 3G but it needs to be jailbroken after every reboot.

» Jailbreak For Firmware 3.1.2: “Blackra1n”