Oct 27

Apple started the pre-order for the iPad Mini and iPad 4 26 October 3AM Eastern / 12AM Pacific. 17 minutes later, ship dates for the white iPad mini slipped to 2 weeks from the original “Delivers 11/2”, whille the black Wi-Fi iPad mini remains available for delivery by November 2nd. This can have two reasons, Apple’s iPad Mini low supply or a the high demand. » Apple Already Sold Out Of White iPad Mini Pre-Order Stock

Sep 26

A 9to5Mac reader sended an email to Senior Vice President of Marketing Phil Schiller regarding the easy to scratch”black” iPhone 5 back. He emailed: “I love my Black & Slate iPhone 5, but I’ve been seeing some scuffs, scratches and marks throughout the band around the phone along with many others. What should we all do? Any plans to fix this? ” Phil Schiller replied “Any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color. That is normal.” iPhone 5 users are not only experiencing scratching on their iPhone 5 bodies with normal use, some iPhone 5 units being scratched right out of the box. iPhone 5 scratch test video after the break. » Phil Schiller Says Aluminum iPhone 5 Back Scratching “Is Normal”

May 13

According to a unconfirmed source on the forums of Swisscom.

The iphone 3G will be released in 3 Colors (White, Black and silver) and will only be available on the 32GB model.

» iPhone 3G in 3 colors and 32GB ?