Feb 12

The developer Maximus has released a new tweak called EasyRearrange. EasyRearrange is a new Cydia tweak that allows you to easily rearrange all your springboard  icons. You can download this tweak from the Cydia store via the BigBoss repository for free. Features and movie can be found after the break. » EasyRearrange: Easy Re-Arrange Your Springboard Icons [jailbreak]

Dec 27

There is a new app in the Cydia Store called Icon Renamer.It enables you to rename your icons quick and easy on your SpringBoard. Simple tap and hold to enter jiggle mode, then tap the icon you want to rename. Icon Renamer is a free app that you can get via the BigBoss repo.

Dec 08

CustomBadges is a new tweak that has been released in the Cydia Store. It’s a free tweak that allows you to quickly and easy set custom badges on your SpringBoard icons. Just hold your finger on an icon till the icons will wiggle and double tap on an icon to set or clear a custom badge like the picture above. CustomBadges is available for free in Cydia via the BigBoss repo. » Create Custom Badges On Your SpringBoard Icons Using CustomBadges [jailbreak]

Dec 04

Graviboard is a tweak for your iDevice that adds a little bit of fun to your springboard. You can set up an activation method, activate it, and your icons will go all over the place. You can set different types of gravity to add and even and use your finger to drag and fling icons. You can get this tweak in the Cydia Store for $2,99 via the BigBoss repo. A second movie can be found after the break. » Add Gravity To Your iDevice SpringBoard Using Graviboard [jailbreak]

Oct 23

There is a new app in Cydia, called Musicdog. Musicdog is a new and free music streaming application which requires iOS4+. You can search among 100,000+ songs, suggest songs, check out the top rated tracks and it also supports multitasking. All you need is a account, login and you are ready to stream free music. » Musicdog: Streaming Free Music [jailbreak]

Jan 15

tweak-leftYou’re probably familiar with sliding through Springboard. With one slide-motion you scroll one page further and the page is automatically centered. Normally this means you’ll probably have to slide five or six times before you reach the last page. With Smoothboard you can scroll through your pages very fast.

» Smoothboard: Scroll Through Springboard Smoothly [Jailbreak]

Mar 26

cydelete3CyDelete lets you uninstall Cydia applications directly from the springboard just like normal appstore applications. Just hold a springboard icon down and tap on the X and the app is uninstalled. To reinstall, load Cydia and install the app again.
» Cydia – CyDelete

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