Dec 28

pedal-brainIf you ride your bicycle a lot, it may be handy to have an iPhone with the application “Pedal Brain”. The app is said to be more precise than tracking-applications like “Map My Ride” and “Runkeeper Pro”. Pedal Brain reads data from special devices that use the ANT+ protocol. It’s not a cheap solution, because you need the ANT+ sensor AND the Pedal Brain Synapse-holder that can be attached to your bicycle. This is going to cost you something between $130 to $190 and will be available in the bike shop March next year. » “Pedal Brain”: A Cycling Computer, Training Website And Coaching Platform

Sep 27

Watch this! We take one Japanese guy, one helmet, one iPhone, one bicycle and a good sense of humor. What do you get?….A chinese guy, with a helmet with an iPhone attached to it, on a bicycle and a futuristic display in front of his eyes.

» The Always Funny Japanese People

Sep 06

dahon_logoSome games or applications use a lot of battery power when used. So bicycle gadget manufacturer Dahon comes with a solution: the BioLogic FreeCharge.

» Charge Your iPhone While You Cycle