May 06

Customize 2.09b has been released to the general public.
What changed?
-It’s no longer needed to register on the customize site and have an account.
-The repo is no longer customize but it has moved to the STE packaging source.
I can’t detect any visual changes to the app for the moment.
» Customize 2.09b released.

May 05

Cmw released an update to his WinPwn beta.
It’s now possible to upload firmware 2.0 with winpwn.
The official notes from the developer are:

This release is not disabled in anyway. I no longer use QEMU and You will see some new features and will notice that it takes < 60 seconds to build and IPSW (at least on my machine). I have had reports that it has issues with Ipod 2.0225C but other then that it should work perfectly. If you find a bug please email me ( ). This was built as a Debug bin and no code obfuscation was used. I will release full sources after we finish more beta tests

I would also like to note that this release would not be possible without the work of Squpix and Planetbeing who have helped develop and test winpwn.
» WinPwn beta 2 released. updated to 99.2.19

May 02

ITools is an app still in development, but i didn’t want to hold this news from you guys.
Not much is known except for a long list of features, but i’m sure we will get new updates in a few days.
The app is the brainchild of Gojohnnyboi (who is only 15y)!!
Here’s the list of possible future functions.
» iTools .. replacement of BossPrefs ?

Apr 29

Customize is The app you want on your iPhone, it let’s you change almost everything visual and audible littlle setting you can imagine.

Some of the settings you can change are:

Dock image, Application icons, Application images, Wallpaper, System Sounds, System images, Status bar images, phone sounds, and your in call images.

This is a huge list cause every little section has it subsections.

I’ll show you some of the changes you can make with this superb little app.
» How to fully customize your iPhone/iPod touch with Customize 2.0

Apr 11

The official version is going to be out very soon, but for now you can find the beta release


Apr 03

Good news, some insiders supplied me with iPhone/iPod Touch Firmware version 2.0

I’ll try to make a review of all features by the end of the weekend.

For extra information, just ping me and i’ll try to answer you asap.

Till later :)


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