Sep 26

Recently, Apple seeded a beta firmware 2.2 to developers. There hasn’t been any features added yet, but the Safari interface has changed just a little. Read the full post by clicking the read more link. » MobileSafari’s interface receives a change in beta firmware 2.2

Sep 25

Well the time has finally come, Rip-Dev has released an update to Installer. I know many people have given up on Installer and turned to Cydia but this has added a lot of improvements (but also a few bugs). » Installer 4.0b8 release!

Aug 17

Apple has seeded the iPhone 2.1 firmware beta 4 to those four thousand lucky individuals. Apple has simply once again marked this as “bug fixes”. What is new is that Apple has removed the push notification service “for further development”. The push notification service has been included since the first beta release and is expected to have a public release in September.

Aug 01

Skrew (vWallpaper developer) has updated his blog saying has vWallpaper is up and running on a v.2.0 iPhone 3G. vWallpaper allows you to display a video as your wallpaper. it will also allow you to use a video you have downloaded from mxtube to run as your background. » vWallpaper on it’s way to 2.0

Jul 31

Its only been a week since apple gave developers beta 1 of the iphone 2.1 firmware and now they have already released a second. The new version appears to have mainly bug fixes.
» Apple seeds second beta of iPhone 2.1 firmware to developers.

Jul 26

According to a new article. Apple is working on copy&paste in firmware 2.1. Some developers got the firmware 2.1 beta in their hands and found a reference in the Localizable.Strings for copying, cutting and pasting. The features are currently not implemented but are in high demand of most iPhone and iPod Touch users. Apple previously informed us that copy & paste was a feature that had low priority.
» Apple working on copy & paste in fm 2.1?

Jul 25

Apple has released a beta version of iPhone OS 2.1 to developers. Along with the 2.1 firmware, a new version of the iPhone SDK has been seeded as well, but the new SDK can’t be used for submitting applications to the App Store at the moment.
» iPhone 2.1 firmware beta in tess, new GPS features!

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