Oct 21

We already talked about the possibility that FaceTime will be integrated in iChat. It turns out that Apple just released a beta version of FaceTime as a stand-alone Mac application. You can download FaceTime for your Mac here and you can login with your iTunes Store account. Now you can start communicate over FaceTime with your iPhone and iPod friends. » FaceTime For Mac Beta Available Now

Sep 21

A beta version of redsn0w, version 0.9.6b1 has just been released by the Dev-Team. Redsn0w, version 0.9.6b1 enables you to jailbreak the iPhone3G and iPod Touch 2G on iOS 4.1 or 4.0. At this point redsn0w 0.9.6b1 is only available for OS X users, but most likely iH8sn0w will be working on a jailbreak for the Windows user. » Redsn0w 0.9.6b1: Jailbreak iOS 4.1/4.0 On iPhone 3G & iPod Touch 2G

Sep 15

iPad-iOS-42 beta
Finally. Apple is working on iOS 4.2 for the iPad, because Apple just released a beta version for developers to test. iOS 4.2 will include some interesting features such as multitasking, folders, printing and the ability to use AirPlay via itunes with your iPad. If you are a developer you can get iOS 4.2 beta via developer.apple.com. Unfortunately this doesn’t mean iOS 4.2 is coming to iPad users anytime soon, because the official 4.2 update is slated for November. » iOS Beta 4.2 For iPad Released To Developers

Feb 09

google-syncGoogle released a beta version of their service Google Sync for the iPhone which allows you to synchronize the contacts and calendar with your Google account.
» Google Sync (Beta) for the iPhone

Feb 05

new-beta-step-oneiBetaTest is a new website launched to make life easier for developers and beta testers. The official word on the site is: iBetaTest is an on-line service designed to bridge the gap between iPhone application developers and beta testers. We’re here to provide iPhone developers with a community dedicated to quality control, and at the same time provide Beta Testers with what they crave the most: exclusive access / first look to the apps not yet seen (and maybe even some cash).
» iBetaTest – Be a beta tester for App Store apps and games

Oct 25

Recently, Apple seeded the second beta release of the upcoming 2.2 iPhone firmware; however, this time, the release included the Google Street View that had been rumored to be included before this. Screenshot inside. » iPhone firmware 2.2 Beta 2 includes Google Street View

Oct 04

I found this a couple of days ago on a site I frequent(pr0x.org), but haven’t had enough time to post about it. It’s currently in beta(a big beta, this is a gigantic project after all). A member named “Your Every Day Hacker” picked up the project from a couple of iPod Touch Fans members, and he decided to continue it. This project is a big nod to iphone developers on Windows, filling the HUGE space left by Apple. Here’s the quote posted on pr0x:

» Windows iPhone Software Development Kit (beta)

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