Dec 04

Apple has just released the third beta of iOS 6.1¬†with build number 10B5117b to developers. Some changes in iOS 6.1 include the way developers can integrate Apple’s new mapping service in their apps, as well as an improvement to how boarding passes are handled in Passbook, and a few minor changes to Safari. » Apple Released iOS 6.1 Beta 3 To Developers

Nov 29

Apple just dropped iOS 5.1 beta 1 to developers. At a first glance the only new feature is dictation support in text input views. Other than that, they have probably fixed the battery issue but we can not confirm that at the moment. In the iTunes Match settings there is now a “Use Cellular Data” option to sync iTunes Match music. And in the screenshot below, there is a new “geofencing” setting to reportedly stop battery drain in the Reminders app when not in use. » Apple Drops iOS 5.1 Beta 1

Nov 04

Less than 2 days after the release of iOS 5.0.1 Beta, Apple already released iOS 5.0.1 Beta 2. In Beta 1 Apple already fixed bugs affecting battery life, enabled multitasking gestures on the original iPad and fixed the Smart Cover security flaw. Developers can download a standalone iOS 5.0.1. Beta 2 build through the iOS Dev Center.

Aug 09

Apple already released iOS 5 Beta 5, which means that the official version will be released soon. After the break you can see some nice information and stats about the iOS Beta versions since 2008. » iOS Beta Numbers!

Aug 06

ios5-Beta-Non Developers
Non-Developers that are running iOS 5 Beta, be warned. Apple started tracking down iOS 5 Beta users that do not have a developer account. Normally only people who are registered as a developer are allowed to run Beta versions, but some developers sold Device slots to normal iDevice users, so they will be able to install iOS Beta versions as well. AppleInsider reported that Apple has begun closing the accounts of some developers who have inappropriately sold their account device slots, allowing them to profit from the installation iOS 5 on unauthorized non-developer iPhones and iPads. » Warning For Non-Developers Running iOS 5 Beta!

Jan 15

Apple released an iOS 4.3 beta 1 changelog with all the iOS 4.3 details, to show us all the new features and fixes in this latest firmware update. Its pretty rare for these kind of documents to be revealed to the public, so hit the break for the full changelog. » Apple Revealed iOS 4.3 Changelog

Nov 02

Apple released iOS 4.2 GM for developers that you can download from the developers area on the Apple website. This is the last version before iOS 4.2 will be released for public. There is said to be 100+ new features and innovations included with this update. » Apple Released iOS 4.2 Gold Master For Developers

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