Jan 06

Apple is set to open a new retail store in China this Friday. The store spans 500 square meters over two separate floors and will open at 10 a.m. on  January 10 at the China Central Mall in the Chaoyang District of Beijing. » New Beijing Apple Store at China Central Mall Will Open This Friday

Mar 27

Earlier Apple already announced that the winner of its 25 billion app countdown contest was Fu Chunli (see above), a resident of Qingdao, China who downloaded “Disney Where’s My Water? Free” and won a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card. M.I.C. Gadget reported that she had only been an iPhone user for a month at the time of milestone and had been unaware of the contest until she was contacted by Apple.

Fu Chunli was not a big fan of Apple, and had only purchased her iPhone for about one month, still learning how to use the App Store. She didn’t know anything about the competition until she was contacted by Apple. When she received a call from staff at Apple (China), she thought it was a hoax. She was still confused when a friend told her that she received a prize from Apple, but did not believe her luck until she saw an email from Apple Inc.

» The Apple 25 Billion App Download Contest Winner Flown to Beijing for Award Ceremony

May 09

Chinese American Carol Chow is running the most fashionable custom made dessert shop ‘CCSweets’ in downtown Beijing. Except for selling cup cakes in her shop, Chow spends most of her time dealing with customized orders, ranging from iPhones to cartoon figures and handbags. iPhone cookies and iPad cakes are the most popular among the customers and the price tag of an iPhone biscuit starts from 228 yuan, or 35 U.S. dollars a piece. Thats a crazy high price for just a cookie but quess what, they are really popular at the moment. The cookies can be customized by adding different messages. » Beijing Cake Shop Sells iPhone Cookies For $35 Each

Sep 18

Yesterday in China, the iPad “Wi-Fi model” finally went on sale at the Apple Stores in Beijing and Shanghai. As you can seen in the movie above, everybody was pretty excited. Because of the VAT the prices of the iPad are a little higher then in the US. The prices for the iPad range from 3988 yuan ($590) for 16gb, 4788 yuan ($712) for 32gb to 5588 yuan (US $826) for 64gb. » iPad Launched In China!