Jul 20

Since the launch of the iPhone 4 we are talking about the Retina Display, the Antenna issue and the camera, but one thing we are not talking about that often is the Gyroscope. The Gyroscope is a new iPhone feature that is more accurate than the accelerometer in the previous iPhone. Why do we need it? Well take a look at the video above, it shows a augmented reality app “Accrossair” on the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 and the difference is pretty amazing.

May 18

We know the iPad is a multifunctional futuristic device, right? But did you know it can be used to control a Blimp? Yes that’s right, the guys from breakfastny created a massive iPad controlled blimp with a build in camera. They used: BlimpDuino, Titanium and openFrameworks to control the Blimp using a iPad which received the live video-feed from the cockpit. To show their creation to the thousand guests, they flew the camera-enabled blimp over their heads at this year’s Design Week after-party. » Blimp Controlled By An iPad

May 11

Since the iPhone playing games has been more popular than ever. But this movie above is really mind blowing. It shows a 360 degree game play using a small projector mounted on the iPhone. When you point the iPhone with projector to the ground you will also see the ground in the game. It’s a bit hard to explain till you have seen the movie, so check the movie and you will understand that the future iPhones still got a lot for us in store. At this point you still need a jailbroken iPhone to use the projector, but who knows what Apple has in store for us in the future. » 360 Degree iPhone Game Play Using A Pico Projector

Dec 25

iphone-in-iphoneOrange decided to make the iPhone launch in Israel a spectacular one. They contacted Ogmento, developer of augmented reality-applications, and asked them if they wanted to develop an iPhone app. With this application you see an iPhone on your screen when you point your iPhone to a specific object. After that, you can interact with the iPhone on the screen. » Augmented Reality Application During iPhone Launch In Israel

Oct 19

True Augmented Reality. Is that something new? Not really, it’s just augmented reality but not like the apps in the App Store that use this technology. Apps like Layar uses a browser to display extra information on top of the real live footage that your iPhone-camera sees. Soon you will see apps that use AR in whole different ways then before.

» Soon In The App Store: “True Augmented Reality”

Oct 17

layarLayar Reality Browser is an augmented reality browser for the iPhone 3GS. You need the compass to work with this fantastic application. And what is even better: it is FREE.

» Augmented Reality Based App “Layar” In App Store

Sep 26


Since firmware 3.1 became available, a new kind of apps showed up in the App Store. We’ve talked about this before: Augmented Reality (AR). One of those apps is “RobotVision” from Tim Sears.
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