Jan 09

In Spring this year a new way of Arcade-style gaming on the iPad will be released. They call it the iCADE, it brings arcade gaming to life by integrating your iPad into an authentic, arcade-style cabinet complete with joystick and buttons. The iPad can connect with the iCADE via Bluetooth “this way you can play in normal mode or in landscape mode” and it will cost $99. » iCADE: New Way Of Arcade-style Gaming On The iPad!

Sep 24

Yesterday Atari released Super Breakout. Today they’ve released another one of those classic jewels called Missile Command. Missile Command is a 1980 arcade game by Atari Inc. in which you have to destroy the city’s attackers. The plot of Missile Command is simple: the player’s six cities are being attacked by an endless hail of ballistic missiles, some of them even splitting like multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles (MIRVs), and in later levels smart bombs which can evade a less than perfectly targeted missile.
» App Store – Atari’s ‘Missile Command’ for the iPhone

Sep 23

As we suspected, there was a clear reason why Atari was hunting down on Breakout clones during the last few days: they have now simply released their own new game called Super Breakout.
The clones are still available and cheaper but renamed to BlocksClassic ($0.99), Superball 2 ($2.99), and 3-D Vector Ball ($1.99) just to keep Atari’s lawyers away.
» App Store – Super Breakout