Aug 28

Macrumors wrote that a New Jersey teenager “Eric Shine” was arrested this weekend for allegedly attempting to shoplift a pair of headphones from the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in Manhattan. Eric Shine said that “he scanned the barcode of a pair of Bose headphones, and navigated the EasyPay purchase process to the final screen, but failed to complete his purchase. Upon trying to leave the store, he was stopped by store employees who accused him of shoplifting and called the police to have him arrested”. » Apple Store Customer Arrested For Shoplifting Because Of Failed EasyPay Self-Checkout?

Sep 30

Fake iPhone For Sale China Arrested
A local Shanghai news paper reported that five people have been arrested in Shanghai by the local police for creating and selling fake versions of the Apple iPhone. “Police said those arrested were part of an organised gang that bought components for the phones from Guangdong in southern China and assembled them in rented apartments in Shanghai.” The police found around 200 fake iPhone during the crackdown. » Fake iPhone Creators busted in China

Oct 03

Some people have problems with the iPhone. Sometimes they explode, sometimes they are overheated. But some people have a lot of problems with the iPhone. » Man Threatens To Shoot iPhone