Jun 16

AirRemote is a upcming application for the AppStore. The app will transform your iPhone and iPod touch into a full remote controller for your Television, but it will not come cheap. The application will have a price-tag of 99$ and thats not all.
» AppStore – AirRemote for iPhone

Jun 15

Binary Square released 2 videos of their upcoming appstore iPhone game titles Space Out and Spinblox. Space Out is a Space Invaders clone. The game presents a Space Invaders-style monochrome game screen, but rather than controlling a movable turrett, the player is in control of a sliding paddle with which he/she must destroy the advancing alien horde by deflecting a bouncing ball. Like Arkanoid, power-ups fall from certain enemies when destroyed with the ball.
» AppStore – Space Out and Spinblox iPhone games from Binary Square

Jun 13

AppleInsider has published some information about the upcoming AppStore. The document mainly focus is for the developers. It’s more a guide to get your application onto the AppStore. Some end-user information can be found in the article too. For ex.
» New Apple AppStore information (prices, size caps, and other info)

Jun 12

The guys from FlixWagon are preparing a video broadcasting app that they will will encode the video on the fly and send it to their servers. It’s currently running on a jailbroken iPhone but they should be ready to release it publicly when the AppStore is ready. The app has no limit and should run as long as your iPhone battery lasts.The delay should be no more than 3 seconds. Not much information is available but i did manage to find a movie demoing the little application.
» Flixwagon preparing video broadcasting app for the iPhone AppStore

Jun 11

According the the Australian iPod touch page of Apple. The AppStore will go live on 27th June. This would also imply that firmware 2.0 and iTunes 7.7 will be with us before 11th of July. Supposedly 27 June ? The Image has been taken right from the Apple Austalia website !!
check it live here.

Jun 10

OmniFocus is a task manager that will keep track of all your actions by project, place, date or person. It can bring up a shopping list, tasks for home, agenda items for work, and about every other list you may need.
» OmniFocus – A geolocation task manager for your iPhone

Jun 10

Twitterrific is a fun application that lets you both read and publish posts or “tweets” to the Twitter community website. Yesterday it has been announced on the Apple WWDC as one of the apps that will be in the appstore.
» Twitterific for the AppStore (iPhone 3G, Firmware 2.0)

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