Jun 25

De website Mac Developer Tips started with a tutorial on how to develop applications for the iPhone. The course is split up in 4 categories (Objective-C, Cocoa, iPhone SDK and Xcode). Each topic is divided in to subchapters as it’s simply not possible to teach users all this information in just 1 article.
» Learn to program for the iPhone.

Jun 24

A new day a new list with upcoming AppStore games and applications. This time it includes applications from TrouserMac industries, TheBarCodeProject, TapeShow, Seahorse software, Advenio, ApolloIM and Midnight Martion Software. The full list after the break.
» AppStore – Another list of upcoming apps and games for the iPhone

Jun 23

iClink is a upcoming CRM data Sync tool for our iPhone that will be released in the appstore 11th July. The app is actually more of a suite then a single app. iClink is an Apple iPhone application that works with CompanionLink. It will allow iPhone owners to access their CRM calendar events, contacts, histories,tasks, notes and opportunities directly from their iPhone.
» AppStore – iClink – iPhone wireless sync (CRM on your iPhone)

Jun 23

NotepadSync is a upcoming application for the AppStore. The app only has compatibility for Mac and the iPhone, for now no Windows support. The app will allow you to create notes on your iPhone (with the ability to write text anywhere on the screen) and seamlessly do the same on your Mac. All the changes will be synchronized in both ways. The Notes will be stored in the cloud, and will be updated when changes occur either on the iPhone or iPod touch or on your Mac.
» AppStore – NotepadSync (sync your iPhone notes)Mac Only

Jun 23

Chain 3 is a upcoming AppStore game. When you first play it, it really resembles Bejeweled and the current iPhone games Trism and iZoo. As always, information is scarse to find but we did manage to find a video of the game. Prices haven’t been announced and the released date isn’t yet known also. But i’ll keep you informed when they do pop-up in the AppStore.
» AppStore – Chain3 (a Bejeweled clone for the iPhone)

Jun 23

Spin the Black Circle is a upcoming AppStore iPhone game in which you need to get a ball to it’s destination, you can accomplish this by turning the wheel either left or right. I played the web-version and i must say that the first levels are pretty easy but after some time it does get really hard.
» AppStore – Spin the black circle (iPhone)

Jun 19

Tuaw has posted another list with upcoming iPhone appstore apps. Some very interesting apps are coming our way. I personally would like SplashShopper, SplashMoney to just name 2. The full list can be viewed after the break.
» AppStore – More upcoming app’s for the iPhone

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