Oct 11

Hi everyone. I want to know what apps from the App Store and Cydia you want to be reviewed. Let me know it in our Forum and I will try my very best to review the app you request.


Oct 03

The Blinkenlights Team just released the Stereoscope Simulator for iPhone and iPod Touch.
Blinkenlights is a project originally realized in Berlin (2001), then improved for Paris’ “nuit blanche” in 2002 and now being set up in Toronto, Canada. » App Store – Stereoscope Simulator It’s blinking again!

Oct 02

A new application is now available in Cydia called Backgrounder, which leaves applications running even after you hit the home button. Traditionally, the iPhone will terminate an application after the home button is depressed to return to the home screen. Backgrounder, as the name implies, lets applications run in the background allowing you to return to them in the future. This ability is great for applications such as MobileCase for downloading podcasts in the background while you surf Safari or check Mail, or for instant messaging applications to continue to run like BeeJive. The downside is that your battery life will be quickly depleted.
» Backgrounder Adds True Multi-Tasking

Oct 02

The iPhone AppStore is not the first mobile storefront for downloadable applications, but it is the first with mainstream appeal. Other carriers and mobile manufacturers are trying to replicate Apple’s success with the AppStore. The first out of the door to follow on Apple’s coattails is Google’s Android Marketplace. Like Apple, it will host a flurry of applications for any device running Google’s open-source Android Operating System, a competitor to the iPhone and iPod Touch which run a modified code of OS X. Unlike Apple, the Android Marketplace will host trials and demos, but may irritate developers of free software by charging them for free apps that make use of T-Mobile’s network with the G1, the first Android phone.

» Android App Store Screws Developers Over

Sep 17

Cube Runner developer has posted that the new version of the game, Cube Runner 2 is feature complete and in beta testing. Find out what the new features are inside.

» Cube Runner 2 in Beta Testing

Sep 11

Hog Bay Software released WriteRoom for the iPhone.
WriteRoom for iPhone is for people who want a simple place to read and write notes on their phone.The functionality is similar to the default notes app, but in a richer and cleaner package. Unlike Notes, WriteRoom also provides optional Wi-Fi access to your documents.
» App Store – WriteRoom for the iPhone

Aug 09

For those have not yet heard, GTS world racing is a new racing game that has come to the App Store. » GTS world racing game now available

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