May 10 has had a repository for quite some time now.
for the moment i don’t have much special on the repo.
Only some custom made battery images and ringtones.
I decided that i will open up my repo for anyone that needs to host his application.
If you are a developer and you’d like to host it with us, drop me a mail on multinova @ iphone…(domain above)


Apr 26

If you are a developer and don’t want to host your app on your own bandwith then we have a solution for you.

Either you can host it with us (drop us a mail on multinova@domain) or you can use this new free service called myrepospace.

So how does this work?

It works in several steps.

1) register for free

2) Upload your app or game

3) Fill in the online form on how the app or game should be installed.

They currently have some sections available for ROMs Themes and apps.

Every source that’s been created has the registered users own unique id.

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