Sep 05


We’ve posted an article about GameSalad almost a year ago. GameSalad is an application from Gendai Games which enables you to easily create games for the iPhone. Very soon there will be an update to the application that gives you the opportunity to publish games for the iPhone. They can be sold in the App Store. » Publish iPhone Games With GameSalad

Aug 24

movement logoWith so many app icons on your iPhone it is difficult to maintain a clear overview. To bring order to chaos, Jeff Stieler created the application Movement for the Mac. With this software program you can easily organize your iPhone apps. ┬áIt has two downside however: first, it’s only available for the Mac and second, you’ll have to jailbreak your iPhone (or iPod touch) first in order to use this progam. » Organize Your iPhone Apps With “Movement”

Aug 09

itunesBoy Genius Report has received a tip from a “pretty reliable source” claiming to have knowledge of several new features to be included in iTunes 9. The rumored features include support for Blu-ray media and visual organization of iPhone and iPod touch applications within iTunes, as well as some form of social networking/media integration.

» Blu-ray and iPhone Apps Organisation Support In iTunes 9?

Jul 26

techcakes_iphone_07Are you a developer or do you plan to become a developer? Then you need to know how to promote your app. For the professional developers, this is not new. But the list of tips can still be handy, especially for amateur developers. On timcascio there’s a post that gives you 50 tips on how to make sure people notice you and your app. » Promote Your App 50 Times

Jul 12

apple-app-storeThere are countless applications for the iPhone, a lot of them you will never use.
But still there are some applications we would like to see on the iPhone that are not available yet.

Personally I would like to see Flash for the iPhone and Ipod so we can open all websites on the internet, and we can stream movies from the internet.
Also I am looking for LimeWire or an application that looks like LimeWire.

Just let us know what applications u are still waiting for.

» Are There Still Applications Missing?

Mar 25

originalProCamera is a little camera application for your iPhone which makes sure that your pictures are aligned properly. It uses the accelerometer of the device and adds a tiltmeter which allows you to take “sharper” photos. » App Review: ProCamera

Mar 25

fficonbigjpgFrankenface is an Entertainment app, allows you to take pictures of ur friends and family and “clips” the face picture into 3 segments. You can then mix and match the three portions and make different faces and have fun. » App Review: Frankenface 1.0

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