Mar 20

Free games with ads need more power form the battery than games without ads. A new study by IT scientist, Abhinav Pathak, from Purdue University proofs this. At least 75% of the energy needs of an app are used for downloading ads and collecting user data.

» Battery drains faster with games and apps with ads

Mar 13

Draw Something has become very popular lately and sets some records. The game shows you three words of different categories and difficulty. You choose one and then you try to draw that word. Your opponent has to guess what word you’ve drawn. A highly addictive game and maybe even more fun than Wordfeud.

» Draw Something has been downloaded 20 million times

Feb 27

Apple just launched a new TV Ad for its iCloud service that works between Macs, PCs, iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches. The commercial shows how easy it is for a new iOS device user to enable iCloud on a device. The video also shows the iCloud features Photo Stream, Automatic Downloads for songs, iBooks, apps, and wireless calendar syncing. » iCloud Harmony: Apple Airs New iCloud TV Ad

Jan 11

Enterprise Mobility Apps Platforms and Devices infographic
The enterprises are witnessing a transformation led by smartphones and Tablets. Mobility is slowly becoming a critical part of IT strategy. As employees and business processes go mobile, we tried to decode enterprise mobility, crunch numbers to present before you an informative infographic detailing out the technology used in enterprise mobility, industry verticals that are at the forefront of mobilizing its operations and why enterprises are adopting mobility solutions. Our enterprise mobility infographic also takes a look at the state of enterprise applications, the smartphone deployment approach by industries and how big brands are increasingly deploying apps. Check the full infographic after the break. » Enterprise Mobility Apps, Platforms and Devices [infographic]

Jan 13

AppCobra allows Windows users to develop their own iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android Web Apps. This can be achieved with no programming, and takes advantage of a range of iOS features, like swiping, movement, geolocation, orientation, thumbnail generation, indexes, finger gestures, WebKit animations and styles, iOS like graphics, web and full screen apps (complete with home page icon and startup screens), plus much more. » Create Your Own iPhone & iPad Apps With No Coding!

Sep 16

With Game Center recently announced by Apple in their iOS 4.1 update, I find myself looking for games that would be compatible with it. With my search I found a very cool fast paced fun app. DinoSmash Online is a fast paced third person shooter, which you can play online with up to 16 players from around the world. » Dinosmash Online Game

Dec 30

Aztecquestmain-300x200Do you like puzzle games? Do you like games with balls? Do you like games in 3D? Do you like games that contain more than 10 levels? Do you like to play games on your iPhone or iPod touch? And do you like to play such a game for free? You can with “Aztec Quest”. » “Aztec Quest”: A 3D Ball-Drop Puzzle Game

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