Jun 16

Apalon announces the release and worldwide availability of their new free title Dress the Monkey – Fashion Monkey. Designed for young fashionistas and everyone who is obsessed with anything and everything related to dressing up, the app lets doll up virtual monkey-models in clothing and accessories, and pair it up with other available items to create a perfect look. » Dress the Monkey For iOS: All About Fun, Fashion & Fantasy.

May 11

Today Apalon is announcing the availability of an updated version of Calculator Pro for iPad. The new version includes an additional Poker skin and a new way of browsing through available skins that were previously purchased by users. Furthermore, known issues have been fixed to provide every iPad user with a smoother experience. Calculator Pro for iPad quickly became popular on the App Store due to its simple concept and powerful functionality. It enabled users to do all the calculations, from basic to complex right on the iPad which was not properly made before. » Calculator Pro Updated To Enhance Functionality & Usability With The New Skin Preview Gallery

Apr 18

Apalon announces the release of an updated version of the Pimp Your Screen app, now including a unique Lock Screen Maker feature that will make users forget about a uniform look of the lock screen forever and help to add some flare to it. Now users can change the color of the clock and slider skins, add texture to it, put a background image and spice it up with a frame or even use their own photo. » Pimp Your Screen Updated To Include Lock Screen Maker

Mar 31

Aeroflick for iPhone
Apalon is proudly releasing the new title Aeroflick, a game where every user can become a brave and fearless pilot of a paper plane. On a glorious way to the stratosphere users will have to go through various landscapes with firm determination. A porch of a beautiful house is the starting point of a journey full of obstacles and new discoveries. Users can enjoy the scenery and watch beautiful landscapes while flying. The objects located on the ground can give some extra boosts, such as steam coming out of a drain grill resulting in a longer flight. » Aeroflick For iPhone: A Journey Full Of Adventures

Mar 11

Today Apalon is pleased to announce the long-expected release of the universal application called Pimp Your Screen. The app features a great collection of unique and original backgrounds for Home and Lock screens arranged in categories that are able to make every user’s touch screen wonder even more wonderful and accentuate individuality and style of their owners. » Pimp Your Screen: Make Your Touch Screen Wonder Even More Wonderful

Feb 16

Today Apalon is announcing the availability of a new version of the Dream Home application for iPhone and iPod touch. Dream Home now includes new categories of Color and Style, a variety of new interiors and full Retina display support. Dream Home has always met high standards in terms of the quality of the provided content and the smoothest user experience that resulted in great popularity among iPhone and iPod touch users and constant high rankings on the App Store. For the same reason, Apple has previously featured the application in “New & Noteworthy” and “What’s Hot” categories. » Dream Home 2.0 Released: A Home Decor Magazine In The Palm Of Your Hand!

Jan 26

Apalon, the creator of hit apps called Eye Illusions and Dream Home, is proud to announce the global availability of Magical Images – a new application created for all the fans of optical tricks and illusions. This is an amazing collection of images that were created from scratch specifically for the app and then broken into several frames. A special overlay is used to trigger an animation effect. » Magical Images: Amazing Eye Illusions for iPhone!