Apr 16

Lets start this week with some humour. I surfed the web today and came across this funny video about G-Male and Siri called “G-Male and Siri: A Love Story”. Its a where an intelligent device (Siri) meets an other intelligent device (G-Male). This video also features Blackberry, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and more. Just watch the video after the break for a good start of the day. » G-Male and Siri: A Love Story

Jul 01

AgileMessenger is a new native iPhone chat application from AgileMobile that is just fantastic. AgileMessenger supports nearly any chat application like ICQ, MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, Jabber and GoogleTalk). The list of functions is almost limitless.
» AgileMessenger – iPhone messenger client (AgileMobile)

Apr 24

The first list with apps for Apple Appstore has been released. It’s not fully official yet, but it will give you an overview.

  1. Sega’s Super Monkey Ball (YouTube Video)
  2. Microsoft Exchange Support (YouTube Video)
  3. AOL Instant Messenger (YouTube Video)
  4. Trism (YouTube Video)
  5. iPhone TypePad (YouTube Video)
  6. Peggle
  7. Zuma
  8. Bejeweled
  9. Galaga
  10. Pac Man
  11. Flick Car (Website)
  12. Cocoa Marbles (Website)
  13. CocoaBot (Website)
  14. Bug Bounce (Website)
  15. EA’s Spore (YouTube Video)
  16. » First list with AppStore applications

Apr 01

What’s an iPhone without an instant messenger?

Well i’ve thought the same line several times, but no more.
Yesterday I installed Mobilechat v2.23 from Andre Sendowski, and i must say i’m pleasantly suprised.

The app works like a charm, currently i only use it for MSN, but you have a lot of other options too.

You can add accounts for ICQ, MSN, XMPP, .MAC and AOL.

Let me explain via screens.
» Msn on iPhone (and others chat protocols) Instant messenger