Sep 13

Apple announced that the free iPhone case program Apple started because of the iPhone 4 antenna issue, is about to end on September 30. You can, however, still get a free case if you buy an iPhone 4 before September 30. If you bought the bumper case and still didn’t request a refund you better do before the deadline at the end of this month. » Apple Will End The Free iPhone 4 Case Program On September 30

Jul 25

Motorola Droid X
Apple still thinks they need to prove something…. they would like to show us that the iPhone 4 is not the only one with Antenna performance issues and that it is normal to have these problems. They uploaded some performance movies before where they tested the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 the Samsung Omnia II and the Nokia N97 Mini. Now they did another test where they tested the Motorola Droid X. Apple: In our tests, the Motorola Droid X dropped from 3 bars to 0 bars when held in a way that attenuated the signal. Movie after the break. » Motorola Droid X: One More Antenna Performance Test By Apple

Jul 23

Apple just launched a new webpage on the Apple website where you can ask for a iPhone 4 bumper refund or to claim your free case. To claim your free case you need to download an app, to qualify for this program, you must purchase your iPhone 4 by September 30, 2010. A lot of people already received a email from Apple about their refunds being processed, email added after the break. So did you already claimed your free case? And what do you think of Apples solution to fix the antenna issue? » Apple Bumper Refund Program Started!

Jul 18

The Apple press conference at 16 July started with a nice little song called “The iPhone Antenna Song”. It shows Apples “and maybe even Steve Jobs” humoristic site, its about the iPhone 4 antenna problems and what to do about it. Just take a look at the movie after the break. » The iPhone Antenna Song

Jul 17

After the press conference at 16 July, at 10 am PT, we all would like to know more about the iPhone 4 issues right? Well here is what Steve told us. First of all, what did Steve said about the proximity sensor issues? Simple, he said they can and will fix this in the next software update “he did not say when this update will be released”. Good news till so far right? That’s one problem solved but what about the antenna issue? Well Steve said there is no such thing as a perfect phone, there will always be some problems. According to Steve only 0.55 percent of iPhone 4 users have contacted AppleCare regarding antenna or reception issues, so there will be no recall. The only thing Apple can offer is a free case for your iPhone 4 device, to apply for a free case go to Apples website late next week.

Jul 15

A reader of Gizmodo said he replaced his iPhone 4 because of the signal issue and the proximity sensor issue. When he received his new iPhone 4 he noticed some differences between his new iPhone 4 and his first iPhone 4. He noticed that the “black [plastic] bezel isn’t as black on the new one”, he “couldn’t see the proximity sensor at all on the previous iPhone 4, now he can” and “The stainless steel band on the new phone is less ‘steel-y’ and more matte” it looks like they added a coated of some kind. He decided to try out the death grip and said there is certainly some huge improvement. So what does this mean? Is this guy just loosing his mind, because he has a working iPhone 4 now, or is Apple silently replacing the iPhone 4 with a new “improved” second edition. » Is Apple Silently Replacing The iPhone 4 With An Upgraded Version?

Jul 01

It’s the most discussed topic since the launch of the iPhone 4, the signal los problem. We all would like to know how to fix this problem and some users found a solution. It turns out that the signal los problem can be fixed simple “by adjusting or even trimming the micro SIM so the contacts don’t touch the metal tray.” Some people also say you can add a little piece of tape to the metal strip to prevent short circuit. Unfortunately it only works for some people and engadget even said it’s a bullshit story, but let us know if it worked for you. » iPhone 4 Signal Los Fix, Or Not?