Aug 01

When i was surving the web today, I came across a phone called GooApple 3G. This is a iPhone 4 knockoff that runs on Andoid 2.2. It has exactly the same dimensions as the real iPhone 4. And if you ask me, it looks amazing. It looks like they actually used real iPhone 4 parts to get this perfect knockoff. Ofcouce the specs are not the same but they are not bad either. Its runs Android 2.2 OS, iPhone iOS style UI, 3.5 inch multi-touch screen, support 3G(WCDMA), GSM network, front and rear Camera “I am not sure about the camera specs, multiple websites say something different. If somebody knows the real camera specs please leave a comment.”, support auto focus, digital zoom and it includes a Powerful Qualcom processor 1GHz chipset. The best of all is the price, it can be purchased on the official website here (but i cant find the price on the official website) but its also for sale on multiple other websites for under $250 “just Google for GooApple 3G”. Check more pictures and video after the break. » GooApple 3G: Amazing iPhone 4 Knockoff Running Android [Video]

Jul 26

android-infograph-live 1
xcubelabs has created a new inforgraphic, this time not about the iPhone, but about the competition. The Android Story. In this inforgraphic they show us the Worldwide Andoird Market Share. Check the infographic after the break. » The Android Story: New Infographic By xcubelabs [infographic]

Jul 11

Snipper, a Dutch start-up, goes live today on all main smartphone platforms: iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and from next week, Symbian. The innovative app makes it possible for users to easily record and broadcast short films directly from mobile to mobile. Snipper users can share their special moments via their own channels – Private only for specifically invited viewers, or Public to share with anyone. The user decides who gets to see what. » SNIPPER: New Way To Share Videos Across All Platforms

Jul 04

DigiTimes reported that Second-grade 9.7-inch IPS panels, those failing to meet requirements for use to make touch screens for iPad 2, may have been procured by China-based white-box vendors for use in their 9.7-inch tablet PCs, according to industry sources in Taiwan. LG Display and Samsung Electronics are two main suppliers of 9.7-inch IPS panels for iPad 2, the sources indicated. Since yield rates for such panels are lower than those for other types of panels, a portion of output is below Apples standard but may not be really defective in terms of usability. » Chinese Manufacturers Reportedly Using “Rejected” iPad Displays For iPad Clones

Jun 15

Four new icons has been added to the iOS (and Android) Google homepage, Restaurants, Coffee, Bars and More. By clicking these icons a map and a listing of results in your area will be shown. Scroll down the list and tap any result for more information such as a photo, customer reviews, star ratings from the likes of Trip Advisor and  phone number.

May 24

AndroidLoader is a new Tweak that will be available for $2.99 today in the Cydia Store. With a single tap or slide gesture, you are able to launch and view all your applications in one place, Android style, on your iOS device! After the break you can check the movie. » AndroidLoader For iOS Devices [jailbreak]

Mar 10

NAMCO BANDAI Games America
is bringing Bird Zapper!, a completely new IP, to iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  In this simple but addicting game, players help Skippy the Squirrel seek revenge on birds that have electrified his music player.   With pesky birds hijacking the power lines, swipe the same-colored birds in any direction when they’re lined up to electrocute them. » Bird Zapper! Coming to iOS and Android Devices

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