Nov 21

gameloft-love-app-storeThe French game developer Gameloft, known from iPhone games like The Settlers and Shrek Kart, has announced that the development of games for the Android platform will be put at a lower priority. The reason for this decision is that Gameloft has sold 400 times more games for the iPhone compared to the Android sales.

» Gameloft: “iPhone Earnings 400 Times More Then Android Earnings”

Oct 13

Niklas Wahrman originally developed his game Asterope originally for the Android platform, to compete in the Android Developer Challenge. But the game never got accepted, so he decided to port it to the App Store. Asterope is a game in which you try to protect the earth from being invaded by Androids. Check the video after the break to get a more detailed look.
» Android game Asterope goes iPhone

Oct 02

The iPhone AppStore is not the first mobile storefront for downloadable applications, but it is the first with mainstream appeal. Other carriers and mobile manufacturers are trying to replicate Apple’s success with the AppStore. The first out of the door to follow on Apple’s coattails is Google’s Android Marketplace. Like Apple, it will host a flurry of applications for any device running Google’s open-source Android Operating System, a competitor to the iPhone and iPod Touch which run a modified code of OS X. Unlike Apple, the Android Marketplace will host trials and demos, but may irritate developers of free software by charging them for free apps that make use of T-Mobile’s network with the G1, the first Android phone.

» Android App Store Screws Developers Over

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