Feb 02

As of December 2010, nearly a third (31%) of all mobile consumers in the United States owned smartphones. The nielsen blog decided to do some research and posted some interesting demographics about mobile phone users. In the graph above you can see that “Thirty-six percent of Asian/Pacific Islander who own smartphones have iPhones. On the other hand, RIM Blackberry is preferred by 31 percent of African-American smartphone owners.”. » Asians Relatively Buy Most iPhones (U.S)

Nov 25

Android OS Bootlance iPhone
Bootlance is a free application that can be found in Cydia via the BigBoss repo. It enables you to install Android OS on your iPhone without the need of a computer. Yesterday it received an update to support the first Gen iPod Touch. » Bootlance: Install Android OS On iPod Touch

Nov 13

After the break you can see a movie about OpeniBoot on the iPhone 4 and iPad which enables Android OS on the A4 chip devices and will probably be available for us within a couple of weeks. Till now we don’t know if other devices are supported “such as the iPod Touch 4G”. » Android OS Dual-Boot On The iPhone 4 & iPad

Aug 13

Gartner reported
that the worldwide sales of the Android OS has passed the iPhone sales in Q2 of this year. There are 10.6 million phones running Android OS which is a 17.2% market share, against 8.7 million phones running iOS which is a 14.2% market share. Of course Symbian is still the big number one with a market share of 41.2%.