Oct 18

Watch this video first. It shows everything the iPhone can’t do (according to Verizon) compared to Android 2.0.

» Verizon Attacks Apple With “iDoesn’t” Ad

Aug 28

We’ve had several humorous vids the last couple of days and today is no exception. This time the ad is all about MMS. Great clip. Enjoy and laugh your ass off! » And Another Hilarious iPhone Ad

Aug 27

Two days ago we posted a video of a self made iPhone Ad. The well known frase “There’s an app for that” is also used in the self made iPhone Ad below. This time it’s about apps for your ex-girlfriend(s). The video does all the explanation, so sit back and enjoy!

» STALKER: Another Funny Self Made Look-a-like iPhone Ad

Aug 25

iphone3gsApple’s iPhone ads tell you that whatever you want to do, “there’s an app for that.” But what if you’re trying to solve problems with the iPhone itself? Slate V imagines an ad for those apps. » The iPhone Ad You’ll Never See!

Sep 11

Apple created a guided tour for their new iPod Touch. In the mean-time they’ve released a new ad fully focused on the new iTouch. The ad shows us a lot of games (Moto Racer, Tap Tap Revolution, Super monkey ball and some others. Apple is clearly positioning their new iPod Touch as a gaming platform. Maybe that’s why they call it the ‘funnest’ iPod ever. Hit the break for the ad and the guided tour link.
» iPod Touch guided tour + first ad

Aug 13

I found this video while browsing the net for some new iPhone related news. It’s not new, it has been out for some days now but for the people who haven’t seen it, i’d still like to share it. The video shows us a real life scenario of loading pages on the iPhone 3G over the cellular data and it compares this with the Apple Ad’s of the iPhone 3G.
» Deceiving iPhone 3G ad’s?

Apr 24

This must be one of the strangest woman i know..
Watch her explain why mac is bad and why and iPhone is just an iphone.
It’s hilarious


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