Aug 12


iCandyApps today presents Cut It Up, their new casual game based on tricky shape-slicing action. With easy to understand gameplay, graphics inspired by “Pirates of the Caribbean”, relaxing soundtrack, and educational value, Cut It Up is the title that would appeal to the pick up and play gamers of the iOS world. » Cut It Up: Satisfy Your Cravings for Slice n Dice Action

Jul 16

Tiny Fish For iPhone
AppGeneration today introduces Tiny Fish 1.0, their new cartoon action game for iOS devices. In Tiny Fish, you have to tilt your device in order to guide the fish so it can survive and escape from the toxic ocean. Eat cookies, avoid toxic particles and escape from looming predators like the urchin fish or the deadly black fish. Tiny Fish features 20 levels, entertaining soundtrack and sounds with different challenges, Game Center achievements and leader boards and more. » AppGenerat​ion Releases New Cartoon Action Game Tiny Fish

Feb 26

Zombie Sweeper
Zombie Sweeper is a defense action game which keeps off the surging zombies from left and right. You can kill zombies by touching left and right on the screen according to their coming timing. If you touch wrongly due to missing of the timing, you will be under the dangerous situation because of an attack delay. A lot of different weapons and zombies are included for special ability and various effects. » Zombie Sweeper: New Defense Action Game

Feb 13

Last Stand Stan is a space action game where the player takes the role of Stan (STatic Alien Neutraliser) to defend the last Po’Trubian world from the evil Sleevils. To aid the defense Stan will have many powerful weapons to use against the 9 different Sleevil types and 4 Bosses. » LastStandStan: New Space Shooting Game!

Oct 04

This is a cool game I picked up from the App Store. It’s a turn-based strategy game, reminiscent of Advanced Wars and Fire Emblem.

The game starts out with you as a squire. You lead your army through a series of missions, trying to conquer the areas using your army. Every mission you win provides you with new units and artifacts which can be spent to upgrade your army.

Each area has three missions, and three raids. Once you beat all three missions, that particular area is conquered. You earn the ability to play the raids after you have beaten the corresponding mission. So when you beat Mission 1 of an area you unlock Raid 1. Each raid provides you with another scenario in which to fight. The benefit of raids are that once you beat them, you gain a certain number of artifacts which are listed on the raid’s page.
» App Store- Reign of Swords