Sep 24


DS Styles is an online shop that has a huge collection of iPhone cases. From hard cases to soft cases in all kind of different flavours. You name it and they have it. Today I’m going to review three of their cases, pictured above.

» Review: Three Cases: “Palazzo, Darius And Swirling Series”

Sep 14

DK-AP8PAccording to Sharp, they will introduce two new iPod speakers in the near future. The names: DK-AP8P and the DK-AP7P.

» Sharp Delivers Two iPod Speakers

Sep 10

PowerJolt SEThe easiest way to charge your iPhone in your car. Simple 1-piece design with integrated cable. Recharge the battery the hassle-free way with PowerJolt SE.

» Power Your iPhone With “PowerJolt SE”

Sep 03

deurmatLet’s see. You have cases, chargers, batteries, cradles, headsets, screen protectors and much more. All accessories for the iPhone (or iPod touch). But every once in a while you’ll see something iPhone related but it’s not an iPhone accessory. Some time ago we spoke about the iPhone soap. Now you can also buy a door mat. » “Slide To Unlock” Door Mat

Sep 02

blackberry music gatewayThe BlackBerry Music Gateway is designed to enable wireless transmission of music or other audio files from your device to your home or portable stereo.

» BlackBerry Music Gateway

Aug 27

144927-xm_skydock_300Digital Daily reports that Sirius XM announced the launch of XM SkyDock. This is the first-ever radio dock for the iPhone and iPod touch. It will be available this Fall at a suggested price of $119 and uses the cigarette lighter to power the device and the iPod or iPhone. » XM SkyDock Allows iPhone Users To Receive Live Radio

Aug 27

Banner-logo-Front With the Super USB Mobile Phone Charger from you can charge 10 different mobile  devices. The cable costs only $10 and is able to charge Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, PSP, Sony  Ericsson, mini-USB, micro-USB, LG and ofcourse the iPod & iPhone.

» Charge Almost Every Mobile Device With One Universal Cable

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