Dec 22

supermario64The first Nintendo 64 emulator, ‘N64iphone’, is now available in the Cydia Store. The first version (o.6.1) is pretty complete. It doesn’t support save states and landscape mode, but the emulator can be controlled with the touchscreen and the accelerometer as well as the Nintendo Wii Controller via Bluetooth.

» “N64iphone”: First Version Nintendo 64 Emulator Now Available [Jailbreak]

Aug 28

yelp-logoAugmented Reality was not meant to hit the iPhone 3GS until at least the release of iPhone OS 3.1. Augmented reality uses your iPhone’s camera, GPS, and compass to show virtual items in the real world. Now Yelp comes with an application that can show information of restaurants etc. but the beauty is there’s an easter egg called Monocle. This features enables you to use Augmented Reality.

» Easter Egg In Yelp Application Activates Augmented Reality

Jul 21

iPhone 3Gs gets a lot of love from its users for the video recording ability. Since iPhone 3Gs was released, YouTube uploads/day went up to 1600% . Many people decided to shoot video using only the iPhone 3Gs camera.

ZGrip is the one of the serious solutions for shooting video with the iPhone 3Gs. It’s all about stability. There is far too much side to side movement when shooting with an iPhone. » ZGrip: Support For Making Videos On The iPhone

Jul 08


I just found a good video about the disassembly process of the iPhone 3GS.

This movie shows you:
1. How to repair directions for the touch panel.
2. How to do a LCD replacement.
3. And how to replace the battery.

You better do not try this at home unless you really know what you’re doing.

» iPhone 3GS Take Apart & Repair

Jul 01

apple_logo_grayApple has released two new Ads about the iPhone 3GS showing two very cool features of the OS 3.0. Ofcourse you already know about these features but it is still nice to see those functions in a video. One talks about Voice Control and the other video talkes about Cut, Copy & Paste.

Enjoy! » Two New iPhone 3GS Ads