Apr 21

A scoop from Ars suggests that developers have found Voice control features in the new 3.0 software. There are Voice Control preferences within International preferences.

There have been found several function calls to Voice Control features. This has been code-named “Jibbler”.

This can be further seen as the new iPod Shuffle features. Also, Voice dialing can be on the list of features to expect. Jibbler is kept secret from third party developers which gives a possibility of showing up this feature in future iPhone hardware releases.

Mar 18

imagesOnly 1 day after the presentation of Apple, The iPhone Dev Team confirmed that you can jailbreak Firmware 3.0. However, those using 3G yellowsn0w are facing some restraints, as their baseband will be modified, the team advises these users to wait for PwnageTool to create a custom IPSW that avoids the baseband update. Read the full article after the break.
» Dev Team: Jailbreak Firmware 3.0 is possible