Oct 22

reported that the first application for the 2G AppleTV is available now. NitoTV is a popular application known from the original Apple TV. It’s a “a front end for the popular mplayer media player; however, it also includes additional capabilities to view RSS feeds, weather forecasts, and more.” » NitoTV Is The First App Running On The 2G AppleTV

Feb 09

xgpsThere have been quite a lot of bug fixes and extra features to the latest version of xGPS. In our previous post we explained the possibilities of this nice navigation software for the iPhone 2G and as xGPS promised the function to plan a route is now available with the iPhone 3G’ s internal GPS.
» Cydia – xGPS 1.2 (bug fixes + voice guidance)

Oct 06

The iPhone Dev-Team, hard at work on the iPhone 3G unlock and the iPod Touch 2G jailbreak, have posted an entry. It’s not an unlock or a jailbreak, but it does seem to be progress. They think they may have found an exploit in the baseband, but cannot recreate it at this time. Full entry inside. » Dev Team Update (sort of)

Sep 16

The iPhone-Dev team posted a blog update about 3 hours ago explaining that they have begun experimenting on them. They don’t have any updates about the device, except that it could bring us insight on upcoming iPhones. Read inside for the whole entry and a screenshot by the Dev-Team. » Dev-Team has begun experimenting on the iPod Touch 2G